Fanny Packs, The Accessory You Need That’ll Make Your Outfit Look Cooler

Fanny packs or belt bagsΒ are small hands-free purses, that will upgrade your outfit. They are so convenient and easy to wear. Once you try them, you can’t stop wearing them.

They were born as an element of fashion in the crazy 80s, full of colors, prints, and textures, and with designs for all tastes and ages, even for the little ones. And they were popularized worldwide for all girls and teenagers, thanks to Xuxa!

And they have returned! With more glamor than ever, ready to go anywhere with you and give you the freedom you need to fully enjoy each adventure. You just have to find your style. Are you more classic? Do you need a sport style? Or do you want something super chic to go out with your friends?

Take note of the super original styles and the best ideas to combine this accessory, which is already considered the favorite of many, and how to deny it?

Keep all your things tidy and at hand with this fanny pack of solid colors that will highlight any of your favorite outfits. Give an original touch to your clothes and your style in a simple way.

If you like corduroy accessories, how about this coffee corduroy fanny pack? With three compartments that will allow you to leave home with everything, you need at hand. You will look fresh and youthful!

For girls who like a more sporty or urban style, there are also many options of fanny packs that fit your style, such as this bright silver color, ideal to stand out with your outfit.

Do you like retro designs? How about this idea inspired by the original fanny packs of the β€˜80s. You can see how the thin girdle crosses the waist accentuating it, which obviously will favor you.

A floral design printed in vibrant orange color is all you need to complete your urban look. Try different combinations and you will see that electric orange will always stand out.

Do you need something more delicate and elegant? How about a rhinestone bum bag? It will fill your night look with glamor, in addition to giving you a more sophisticated air with this accessory. The ideal piece that can not be missing in your closet.

A girls’ night out? What better compliment for your dress than a fun fanny pack? You can dance all night without losing your style or your phone!




Cover image by KiKiPak | @kikipak5