Fascinating Fascinators – Import This Royal European Look For Your Wedding Day

The fascinator, a glamorous alternative to a hat, is a headpiece or hair accessory made of feathers, flowers, ribbons and jewels that is fastened to a comb, clip or a thin headband.

Fascinators are commonly worn in Europe, Australia and South Africa to weddings and other formal events. Fascinators are becoming increasingly popular world-wide with today’s brides, bridesmaids, flower-girls, mothers-of-the-bride, wedding guests and for bridal showers.

As one of Kate Middleton’s favorite accessories, fascinators were featured prominently on the heads of many of the wedding guests at her 2011 wedding to Prince William. Among those wedding guests was Princess Beatrice of York, who wore a fascinator designed by the Irish milliner Philip Treacy. The unusual shape and color of Princess Beatrice’s fascinator caused quite a media stir and went on to become an internet phenomenon, increasing the world-wide popularity of the fascinator.  

Now, the fascinator fashion trend is being imported to the United States, as wonderfully detailed in this blog post, reblogged from Mariell:

It’s a really poorly kept secret that we Americans are a bit obsessed with European fashion.Or that we have a tendency to think styles from the British Isles are SUPER classy and Seriously, guys, why don’t we do that here? When it comes to weddings, there’s one thing in particular we’d love to import: the fascinator.

Think about it. You get to buy fancy, tiny hats covered in lace and feathers and coordinate them to your outfits. How much fun would that be?


(Yes, part of this can be traced to Duchess-obsession. Because anything the former Kate Middleton does is fashion gold. But really, she’s not the only reason.)


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So, all you wedding guests and stylists and stockists across the pond, we hope you’re enjoying your fascinators.

We’ll just be over here, on the other side of the Atlantic, looking on with envy and trying to start a fashion wave all our own.

Want to join us? We’ve got a few fascinator options for you…


Fan Shaped Feather Fascinator with Net Veil


Retro Lace and Silk Wedding Cocktail Hat with Netting


Petite Wedding Fascinator Cocktail Hat with Rosettes

Anyone else want to import the fascinator as a wedding must-have?