Vintage Wedding Hairstyles That Add A Spark Of Elegance

Having a vintage-style wedding?  Well, your wedding decor isn’t the only way to reflect your vintage style.  Another great way is with an elegant, romantic wedding hairstyle.

When searching for new style ideas, sometimes the best place to look is the past. When it comes to hairstyles, especially, there is unlimited inspiration to be found in the curls, twists, and updos of past generations. The flapper girls of the roaring ’20’s, as well as stars of film and stage from the 40’s and 50’s, all provide great inspiration for creating a modern-day vintage wedding hairstyle of your own..

In that spirit, here are some gorgeous examples of  vintage wedding hairstyles that add a spark of elegance,  from onewed

Messy Updos: The messiness makes it very bohemian and romantic!  Adding flowers ups the romance factor.


A Big Bun:  Bonus points for the wrap-around braid!


Pretty Twists and Milkmaid Braids in Updos:  Twists and small milkmaid braids add some fun and whimsy to these updos.


Long Braids:  Bonus points for weaving a ribbon into it!


Romantic Half-Up Dos:  Soft waves and fishtail braids turn boring half up hairstyle into a sweet and romantic choice.


Fun tip: you learn how to do many of these yourself by searching on YouTube for demonstrations!

Which romantic vintage bride are you?