Financial Tips for Newlywed Couples

Being one is never the same as being two. And even if love makes you say “yours is mine and mine is yours”, the reality is that as time goes by, the bad management of money in the couple can bring many problems…. some may even end in divorce.

It’s necessary that within your new life as a couple you can put your priorities in order and don’t let yourself be clouded by the crush that is very sensitive in the first months. You must be able to see your new husband or wife as a partner and as such define rules that govern their new financial life to reach the purposes of a couple life.
[Until debt tear us apart] this shouldn’t be the case in your relationship.You must read a lot to maintain a financial system appropriate to your relationship and to the style of each one, something friendly that helps you to be in tune. These financial tips for sure will help you but lets be clear that these aren’t the rule, just a suggestion to start like any beginner. Try that none of these financial tips become more important than another, so you’ll see that numbers and money wouldn’t be a reason for discussions with your partner. Discuss the taste of ice cream or cookies and finish buying the taste that you both like with the well-budgeted money you’ll surely have.

Without further ado, we leave 19 financial tips for newlywed couples:

Financial Tips for Newlywed Couples

1. Talk openly about money.
2. Have two separate accounts and one together.
3. A man is not a provider. But neither is a woman.
4. If your partner earns less, do not demand that you pay half of the expenses.
5. If they accept money from in-laws, they will have to accept when they get into their married life.
6. If expenses and savings are shared, when one of you donates your money to your family, you are donating both of your money.
7. Bringing more money at home doesn’t make you the boss.
8. Define together what are your priorities in life.
9. Live below your means.
10. Before telling him to stop spending, notice how YOU are spending the money.
11. Try to have fun without spending a lot of money.
12. Make monthly appointments to discuss your financial situation.
13. If one of you has debts, attack them as a couple.
14. Don’t hide financial information from your partner: income and expenses, both must be informed.
15. Regularly review your statements together.
16. Invest in insurance.
17. Build a joint list of financial dreams.
18. Start saving from day #1: the baby, the house, the car, the retirement … the goals to save are left over!
19. Respect the financial skills of the other.

After reading them, do you think these are financial tips that you could apply to your new married life? Support yourself with financial tests and financial planners that you can find on the web for free and more didactic. Thanks for reading us!