Find the Veil Style that Fits with You Perfectly!

The veil is one of those things that that all brides should wear. Leaving aside the tradition of a veil, it’s necessary to note that it becomes a beautiful accessory or complement but that it becomes perfect when it fits perfectly to the style of the bride that wears it.

There are many veil styles that you can choose but if we summarize it, five categories of different veil styles can help you find the one that fits perfectly with you.

1. Veil clipped in hair
Available in different lengths means you can wear it clipped to hang over your face and/or down your back.
The most classic style of veil that is determined by length. The shorter veils are for brides who simply want to look simple but that doesn’t mean that brides who choose a long veil and a lot of rubbing are exaggerated and dramatic. On the contrary, a very wide veil gives an impressive elegance and attention.


2. Veil worn around bust
We love the styling of the veil around the bust, it can take your from a ceremony to reception look. All you need is a simple knot at the back and it is complete. Completely out of the traditional but efficiently fulfilling the function of a veil that gives delicacy to the back and body of the bride.

Find the Veil Style that Fits You Perfectly!
Source: @preajames_bridal

3. Headband Halo Veil
First up is a veil is with a headband, worn as a halo at the back of your hair. The veil is made of two large triangular pieces of tulle that flow behind you like wings.
This piece is perfect for our ethereal brides although that finishes determining the amount of decorative elements that have the tulle of your veil. The simpler the more delicate and subtle, therefore attracts a little less attention.


4. Veil draped around hairline
We love the delicate look of this styling. Draping around your face and down your back. It can be pinned with small hair pins to keep it from moving.
We love how easy it is to disassemble it. So whether you are leaving the church or simply exhausted from taking care of it, you can easily place it and handle it without having your stylist indispensable nearby.

Find the Veil Style that Fits You Perfectly!
Source: @preajames_bridal


5. Birdcage Veil Style
This is a classic and unusual style of veil given the time of its origin. None of that takes away how elegant it’s in women with pronounced features that will make your face look more with a small detail on hair like this.

Find the Veil Style that Fits with You Perfectly!
Source: @hbweddinguk