Finding an engagement ring under $10,000

As a bride you want as many options as possible for every aspect of your wedding, from your wedding dress and wedding shoes to your wedding decor and cuisine. And of course you want those same options for your engagement ring.

Every bride wants to make a statement with her engagement ringIf the traditional diamond engagement ring is not your style, but you still want an engagement ring that is both gorgeous and totally uniquethen you want to take a look at the many dazzling non-diamond engagement rings available that sparkle just as bright as diamonds.

You want all that in your engagement ring but are not ready to break the bank?  Then here is some great advice for finding an engagement ring under $10,000, from Ritani:

Ritani has many options for engagement rings under $10,000. The average price for a Ritani engagement ring is slight over $8000 – encompassing many diamond shapes, settings, and quality grades.

If you allocate between 50% and 65% of that total budget for your center diamond, you’ll be looking at over 4,500 options in all diamond shapes between around .60ct and 2ct.

From here you can start to narrow things down by choosing your shape, color, clarity and cut.

engagement rings under $10000

If we go with round diamonds, for example, you can budget more into the size and have something in the L SI1 color/clarity range. At around a 1.60ct for $6,800, this leaves $3,200 or so for your setting. K/L colored diamonds will have some warmer secondary tones and look great in a yellow gold setting. If you are looking for a white gold, platinum or palladium setting, look for diamonds with color grades from D to J.

engagement rings under $10,000

Alternatively, if color and clarity are more important to you than size, you can go with something in the .70ct-.80ct range in a D/E color and IF/VVS clarity range. These diamonds are going to be next level white and clean. They can also be set in halos for a larger surface area when worn on the finger.

engagement rings under $10,000

Perhaps the most economical (and most popular) is a happy middle ground of something in the near-colorless grades. Narrow your search to between G/H/I and VS1/VS2 clarity, which is still completely “eye-clean”. You can find a round diamond between 1.15ct-1.20ct for between $6,000-$6,700, still leaving a nice amount of your budget for the setting.

Settings can range anywhere from $235 to $8,000 depending on your style and metal preferences. At the lower end of the price spectrum are simple, classic elegant solitaires in 14kt white gold, while at the other are larger ornate pieces that are very diamond intensive, set in platinum.

engagement rings under $10,000

For the $10,000 budget, Ritani’s halo settings are very popular and give a big, sparkly look for a great price range. These are available from $1,100 to $4,300, set in palladium, 14kt and 18kt white or yellow gold, and platinum.

If you would like further help finding an engagement ring that fits perfectly within your budget, chat with one of our customer representatives. You can also schedule a free Virtual Gemologist consultation. A non-commissioned  expert will help you choose between up to 4 diamonds, to find the one that is just right for your needs.