Finding the Right Wedding Hairpiece

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The dress has been hunted down, the shoes snapped up and your makeup decided on. The next big decision a blushing bride is what to do with her hair. Whether you?re wearing your hair up or down, it?s your wedding hairpiece which will pull everything together and make you feel like a bride.

Headpiece tips

There are some general things to keep in mind before you start looking for your dream headpiece:

Know how you?re going to wear your hair and have a dress picked out first. The accessory should work with your overall look, especially your veil if you?re wearing one.

Think about angles. You?ll be seen from the side and the back, so check how your headpiece looks from all angles and how your photographs will look.

Try it on well before the wedding to make sure it?s comfortable and won?t distract you from more important things.

Match your headpiece to your jewellery so they?re not fighting for attention


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How to pick the right headpiece

If you?re having a country wedding

If your wedding is set outdoors and you?re going for a relaxed vibe, you might want to eschew the crystals and diamonds in favour of flowers, nonchalantly placed in your hair.

You could try wild flowers, or choose from specially designed wedding hair flowers to achieve the same look without the worry of the flowers wilting. The slightly undone braid looks fantastic with flowers put through it.?Some brides would gasp in horror at something so informal but it can look enchantingly pretty in the right setting.

If your wedding is vintage themed

The vintage chic themed wedding has been going strong for a while now as brides look to capture the romance and glamour of a bygone era. Ornate hair clips in a leaf, flower or feather design will definitely give you the vintage feel you are looking for.


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If you?re going for a 20s look

A forehead piece will make a dramatic impact, while an art deco headpiece fastened to the side of an updo will help you achieve the look in a more understated way. Feathers and bird cage veils will be what you are after for a sophisticated 20s style image.

If you want to be a princess bride

If you grew up on a diet of Disney films and have always dreamed of being a princess if only for one day, a show-stopping tiara is a must. It?s the ultimate princess look and make you feel like you?re really having that fairytale wedding you so deserve.

If you want a classic look

A pretty hair comb is ultra-chic and perfect for a demi-chignon or a loose bun worn low. It?s easy to fasten it yourself, just be sure to insert it so it sits close against your head and is properly secured.


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If your dress is simple

If your dress isn?t overly embellished, you can afford to add some glamor and shimmer with your hair accessories. However, something overly extravagant would feel incongruent with a simple dress, so try wearing a few artfully placed slides. Choose from pearl (great with lace dresses) or a glitzy crystal slide for a bit of glamour.

If you?ve got short hair

A short crop doesn?t have to stop you from feeling ultra-feminine and sexy. Adding a headpiece studded with ladylike pearls or even a tiara will draw attention to your face and make you feel ready to walk down that aisle.

If you have a voluminous??gown The size of your headpiece should correlate with the scale and design of your dress. An extravagant hair accessory will just distract from a highly embellished, princess or A-Line style dress with a long train. Try a simple headband or slide. Remember that a hairpiece is only an accessory and should complement the dress, not overpower it.


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