Floral Dresses To Float Around In This Summer

Check out these floral dresses to float around in this summer; from Society 19

Floral dresses are a great way to surround yourself with bright blooms even if you are spending your summer in a concrete jungle. In the sunny heat, you might want to just float around in pretty dresses. Get one with a full skirt for some skirt swishing action, something off-shoulder so the sun can warm you from top to bottom, or something with sleeves to protect your skin from sun damage. No matter what style you choose, floral dresses are sure to bring nature into your life even if you despise long walks in the park.

Pink Blooms

For a sweet one-piece outfit, consider pink floral dresses. With a pale pink background, the flowers can be done in bright pinks, medium pinks, or even blues and the print will look delightful. Even if “sweet” is not exactly how you would describe your style, you might find yourself drawn to these pretty pink floral dresses; if you do, then by all means try one on! One sunny summer morning, you may just wake up in the mood to look like a rose-flavoured meringue. Pair these dresses with edgy shoes, candy-coloured jewellery, or a flower crown to make it your own.

*Floral Dresses To Float Around In This Summer


Flowers In The Sun

You may just need gigantic sunglasses when you are wearing one of these bright yellow floral dresses. Make a bold statement by impersonating our favourite star in the Milky Way for the day. Not only will the sun be shining from above but also from below. Whether you are going out for a day of shopping or spending it with Shakespeare in the Park, bring a bright pop of colour with you to keep your energy levels up. Shop around to choose your preferred representation of flowers on your dress.

*Floral Dresses To Float Around In This Summer

Embroidered Flowers

For a more three-dimensional effect, check out these embroidered floral dresses. The details are intricate and the payoff is phenomenal. A friend of mine played Ophelia from Hamlet and wore one of these dresses and looked a lot like John Everett Millais’s Ophelia except for the fact that she was very much alive. My point is that you will look like you have just spent hours bathing in a pool of fresh flowers.

*Floral Dresses To Float Around In This Summer


Bold & Off-Shoulder

If off-shoulder styles are flattering on you, explore the many styles that you can choose from this season. You can get these in long or short lengths and in different fabrics too. Take advantage of these options and choose something that is comfortable for you. Your shoulders will be tan from all those picnics you’ll go on in the warm months. Just remember to wear sunblock to prevent sun damage.

*Floral Dresses To Float Around In This Summer


Soft Beiges

Although these floral dresses are nude coloured, you will most definitely be covered. In fact, you will be covered by flowers! For a neutral colour scheme with the added excitement of a nature-inspired print, consider springing for a flowery dress in soft beige hues. Most of these dresses on the market will have a floral pattern that is more delicate and in pastel colours. This will give you the freedom to accessorize it in any way you like. You can go edgy or you can go extra demure with these dresses and they will still look like the perfect match!

*Floral Dresses To Float Around In This Summer


Looking for a comfortable and fun outfit to live in these upcoming summer weekends? Well these floral dresses have got you covered. They will have you floating around in parks, beaches, and shops all summer long without having to worry about matching tops and bottoms. Just pop one over your head and you can stay breezy and look smashingly beautiful in the summer heat.