25 of the Prettiest Floral Wedding Cakes

Here you have 25 of the prettiest floral wedding cakes; from Brides

Whether you prefer sugar or fresh flowers, pretty blooms are the perfect accessory for your reception confection—and these 25 wedding cakes with flowers are all the proof you’ll need!

While guests might forget your first dance song or the color of your table runners, your friends and family will always remember what your wedding cake tasted and looked like. Wedding cakes with flowers and greenery are undeniable show-stoppers and one of the most popular big day desserts—for good reason, we might add!

Flower wedding cakes don’t just have their beautiful looks going for them. Florals can add vibrancy to an otherwise simple cake at a relatively low expense. It allows the couple to skip pricier decorative techniques—like fondant or hand-cut details—in favor of floral adornments. And though sugar flowers cost more than fresh, the fake buds are still a cost-effective way to upgrade your wedding cake without bursting your budget. And the best part about going the faux-flower route is that the color and design options are endless.

Flower wedding cakes are so versatile that they can be adapted to fit almost any wedding theme. Go the rustic route with scattered buds and greenery at the cake’s base. A confection with gold accents or intricate sugar flowers in between each layer befits a glamorous affair. A nearly naked flower wedding cake with a scattering of wildflowers is perfect for bohemian weddings. And more couples are also getting creative with watercolor prints and unexpected color combinations.

To get you feeling inspired, we found 85 beautiful wedding cakes with flowers for you to peruse. With countless options, including hand-painted, cascading, and overloaded-floral styles, it’s impossible not to find a delicious confection you absolutely love.

Proof you don’t need towering tiers to make a stunning reception confection. All this petite wedding cake needed was three full and lush roses!

The lilac and sunny yellow blooms on this wedding cake remind us of springtime garden parties.

In addition to garden-fresh flowers, this wedding cake is also decorated with a bounty of seasonal fruits.

Lightly frosted and toting an acrylic topper, this confection also features roses in muted lavender hues.

Not only is this floral wedding cake dripping in white flowers, but it’s also resting on an entire garden’s worth of blooms!

Why have just one flower wedding cake when you can have three?