Adorable Flower Girl Gifts

Not sure about the gift for the flower girl in your wedding?  

Here are a few great ideas, reblogged from MARIELL:

Have you noticed that Pinterest seems flooded with adorable flower girl pictures this week?

It’s hard not to spend hours browsing and “aww”ing.






Seriously, they’re beyond cute. They’re adorable overload. Cute hair do’s, sweet dresses, tiny princess shoes… It’s almost too much to handle.


If you have a flower girl in your wedding, buying her a special gift – something she can wear during the wedding and treasure afterwards, something grown up feeling and pretty – can be a great way to say thank you. Because trust us, she’s going to remember the day for a long time!

Need a few ideas for flower girl gifts? We’ve got you covered!


satin gloves // ivory tiara // pearl hair pin


silver earrings // pearl necklace // children’s stole


What’s the cutest flower girl moment you’ve seen at a wedding? We’d love to hear the story!