5 Spectacular “Trash the Dress” Wedding Photo Ideas

One of the most popular trends in wedding photography is “Trash The Dress”.

Started in Las Vegas over 10 years ago, the “trash the dress” wedding photo shoot involves deliberately ruining a wedding dress with mud, paint or water soon after the couple’s wedding day.  Trashing the dress is a romantic ritual which symbolizes the bride’s devotion and commitment to her new husband since the trashed wedding dress can never be worn again.

Here are 5 spectacular trash the dress wedding photo ideas, from Austin’s Busy Bride’s Guide:

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are having a spectacular day! This Friday Five is a fun after the wedding idea that has turned into a very popular trend! Trashing the dress is a fun way to get to wear (and then possibly destroy) your dress one last time after the wedding. You can also get the groom to grab his tux and y’all can take some adorable newlywed pictures. If you don’t want to completely destroy your dress, there are some “trash the dress” options that only require a thorough cleaning before you pack your wedding dress away. So without further ado, here is your Friday Five: Trash the Dress edition!

#1 Beach Fun

Going to the beach is always fun, but it can be even more fun on your wedding dress. Plus it can make for some beautiful pictures!

#2 Playing with Paint


Putting paint all over your wedding dresses probably takes it past the point of no return, however, it does make for photos that will be priceless!

#3 Snow Day!

Making snow angels and having a snowball fight would be lots of fun in your wedding dress!

#4 Going Mudding

A lot of Southern girls enjoy going mudding! So why not play in the mud in your very best dress?!?

#5 Go for a Swim


Taking a swim is always fun and underwater pictures in your wedding dress will be absolutely stunning!

And that is your Friday Five!  Do you dare to trash your wedding dress?

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