14 Fruit-Packed Summer Mocktail Recipes

Here are 14 Fruit-Packed Summer Mocktail Recipes, from SELF

There’s just something about a cold, fruity drink that screams summer vacation. For me, any occasion instantly feels more fun and festive if I’m handed an icy cold beverage that also happens to be brimming with berries or sliced peaches. Super refreshing (and begging to be ‘grammed), it’s really the only acceptable way to serve drinks at BBQs and other gatherings this summer.

While the Internet is bursting at the seams with cocktail recipes of every color and flavor you can imagine, it can sometimes be a bit harder to find equally delicious and impressive mocktails. Sure, some cocktails can be made nonalcoholic by simply leaving out the booze, but many end up becoming really boring and one-dimensional in terms of flavor. Which is why it’s great to have a few mocktail recipes on hand that were specifically created to be enjoyed exactly as they are.

The 14 fruit-filled mocktails below are worth drinking whether you don’t drink alcohol at all or just are just looking for a refreshing beverage to quench your thirst and cool you down on a hot summer day—consider them required drinking for when it’s sweltering out. And with all the fruit, these drinks basically double as snacks too!