Fun Ideas to Create a Memorable Wedding Send-Off

Your wedding ceremony is over. You and your wedding guests have partied hard at your wedding reception.

Now it is time for you and your new spouse to begin your new life together and hop into a ride that fits your wedding style, as we featured in  Part IPart II. and Part III  of our 3 part series “The Wedding Getaway Car”. But before you jump into that sweet ride your wedding guests are going to want to say farewell to you with a proper wedding send-off. Today we present some fun ideas to create a memorable wedding send-off.

The traditional wedding send-off features the wedding rice toss. While the wedding rice toss may be the most common tradition for closing a wedding ceremony, there are a number of creative alternatives to the wedding rice toss, such as tossing confetti or using DIY wedding ribbon wands.

And for some more clever alternatives to the wedding rice toss, check out these fun ideas to create a memorable wedding send-off, from onewed: 

One of the most exciting moments of a wedding is sending the newly married couple off on their next blissful adventure. Many couples choose to use sparklers, confetti, rice, etc. for their guests to use for their exit. However, there are many more non-traditional ideas couples can choose from.

Simply scroll through the images below and fall in love with them as I have! Don’t forget to pin yours faves.

Memorable Wedding Send-Off With Bubbles