Which wedding dress should you marry? – an infographic

Which wedding dress should you marry?  

Shopping for your wedding dress is the fun part that can easily veer into dread.

You can avoid that dread if you follow a few tips for wedding dress shopping, as well mistakes to avoid such as shopping too early or too late and wedding dress shopping tips if you are a pregnant bride.
With the average cost of a wedding now reaching $30,000 and the average cost of a wedding dress at $1,211 (in 2012), it is important to find ways to save on your wedding dress.
You can spend a lot less than that $1,211 average cost and still get a sensational gown. There are gorgeous bridal gowns under $500  and recently H&M introduced a vintage 1930′s Hollywood-inspired gown for only $99
If you want to spend a little more than the average wedding dress cost, finding that special wedding dress at an affordable price is still possible.  For example, recently we featured some beautiful wedding dresses we love that cost under $1,500 as well as some dreamy wedding reception dresses under $150.
And there are other ways to save on your wedding dress such as daily deal sites and sample sale sites.

Here is a great infographic to help you decide which wedding dress you should marry: