Fall Is the New Spring: Why All the Cool Kids Are Getting Married in the Fall


Elegant Wedding Captured by Concept Photography

Photo by: Concept Photography on Every Last Detail via Lover.ly

Traditionally, summer has been considered to be the peak wedding season. But since many people feel that fall is the best time of the year, and since fall weddings have their own unique attractions, fall weddings are becoming more and more popular. Today we discuss why fall is the new spring, and why all the cool kids are getting married in the fall.

The cooler temperatures. The changing color of the leaves. Halloween just around the corner. It’s fall and it’s the best time to get married!

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So, here is fall is the new spring: why all the cool kids are getting married in the fall, originally published in Glamour:

By Kim Fusaro 

While you’re rushing between back-to-back-to-back weddings in May and June, the last thing you want to do is host your own wedding. (Trust me.) Let everyone else fight over vendors and fret about impending 100-degree temps. Here are six reasons your big days will kick ass if you hold out for a fall wedding.

1) Your guests will be ready to party. Everyone in their mid-20s to early 30s is a little over weddings during “wedding season,” right? Your guests will appreciate having a few weeks to recharge before yours.
2) All the key players should be free. When our inner circle was in a full getting-married-frenzy {Rory and I were invited to 20 weddings in two years! }, friends were missing each others’ weddings left and right. This couple was on their honeymoon during that couple’s wedding, and this bridesmaid had to bail on her college roommate’s big day because she was asked to be her cousin’s maid of honor. If you wait until fall, people should be more free to focus on you.
3) You’ll get the pretty fall backdrop. I love peonies as much as the next weddings blogger, but it’s hard to argue with the changing fall foliage and crisp autumn air.
4) Off-peak travel rates. If you have guests who will need to rent a car, book a hotel room, or travel by plane, they’ll appreciate the savings. And you might save some cash on your honeymoon, if you go right after your wedding.
5) Sweet seasonal details. Hot apple cider, blazing fireplaces, and faux-fur accessories will make your wedding unforgettable, especially if it falls on a chilly night.
6) More wedding dress options. Leave the slinky strapless gowns for the June-July brides—they’ll need ’em. You can consider dresses with sleeves, heavy fabric, or dramatic head-to-toe beading that would weigh down a summer bride.
Would you get married in the fall? Or do you want guaranteed warm weather?

Photos: Concept Photography via Lover.ly.