8 Gorgeous Hairstyles That Will Help You Embrace Your Gray Hair

Check out these 8 Gorgeous Hairstyles That Will Help You Embrace Your Gray Hair, from Better Homes & Gardens,

Looking for inspiration to ditch the dye and embrace your gorgeous silver hue? Whether you like to wear your hair short and smooth or long and textured, these eight looks are proof positive that going gray is more sophisticated than ever.

Mature woman with pixie haircut.
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A cropped cut is statement-making in and of itself, but will also truly make your silver shade stand-out. Plus, can you say low maintenance?

Mature woman with gray shag haircut.
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Lots of piece-y layers add visual interest—with minimal styling effort required—while soft bangs balance out the overall look. A little texture only enhances this cut, making it a choice style for anyone whose hair is naturally wavy.

Mature woman with lob haircut with bangs
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Lob with Bangs

AKA a long bob, this cut grazes the top of your collarbone, a universally-flattering length on every hair type and texture, not to mention face shape. Feathery bangs soften the blunt shape, while also helping camouflage any fine lines on your forehead. (They call it ‘bangtox!’)

Portrait of woman with long gray hair looking at camera smiling
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Long Layers

Adding long layers throughout your hair is the perfect way to keep a long style from looking heavy and weighed down. They’re also equally flattering on straight, wavy, and curly textures.

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Grown-out Pixie

A slightly longer version of the pixie, this style is ideal for anyone looking to go short (but not too short). Ask your stylist to point cut into the front pieces, which should just graze the tops of your brows, so that they’re not too blunt; light and wispy bangs keep the look fresh and youthful.

Portrait of beautiful senior woman with grey hair outdoors
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Sideswept Bangs

Think of a long, sideswept bang as a universal accessory that you can pair with pretty much any haircut. These shorter, face-framing layers highlight your cheekbones, and look especially pretty when you wear your hair down, though are still long enough to pull back when you want to wear your hair up.

Mature woman with medium length, silvery, grey hair styled in a bob in front of grey background in a 3/4 position wearing a spaghetti strap tank top, smiling.
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Is there anything chicer than a bob? The style is timeless, and the clean and crisp shape highlights your silver strands, especially when worn smooth and sleek.

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Portrait of mature woman with short curly hair
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Natural Curls

Go ahead and break up with your flat iron once and for all. Embrace your natural texture, simply enhancing it by using a curl cream on damp hair to help define and shape your spirals. Bonus: Since gray hair tends to be thicker and coarser, this will help keep it soft, too.