Sustainable Flowers in Your Hair

Romantic, sophisticated, elegant, stylish. Those words describe the wedding day look you can have when you embellish your wedding hair with chic bridal hair accessories and  bridal hair accessories we loveToday we have some eco-friendly, sustainable flowers that you can wear in your hair.

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And be sure to check out our tips and ideas for wearing fresh flowers in your hair for your wedding.

Here are those examples of sustainable flowers in your hair, from Green Bride Guide:

Wearing flowers in your hair is up there with champagne, bathing beauties, and frilly dresses. Flowers are the ultimate romantic accoutrement. They make a woman feel beautiful and fresh, like she is in bloom alongside the flowers. There are many different ways you can wear flowers, from a single bloom behind your ear to a full crown bursting with petals, berries, and leaves. You can collect the flowers yourself, using wild blooms to create a woodsy, fairy-like look, or have a professional florist create a living masterpiece. Incorporate flowers into a headband, hat, or hair clip, or simply fold a few into your up-do. However you choose to wear your flowers, make sure they are responsibly grown and organic for worryfree eco-friendly beauty.

Flame Orange Bohemia

Orange poppies

Image source:

Bright orange blooms are exotic and exciting. They look fabulous next to olive skin and when they surround the face, they create an incredibly brilliant frame. Your guests won’t be able to look away! Match your flowers to your accessories, like this bride (above), to incorporate the living plants into your overall look.

A Crown of Blooms

Bohemian flare with floral vines

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This gentle, pared-down look is utter romance. The incredible fullness of this bride’s hair doesn’t hurt! This simple crown is made of a few strands of floral vines, pinned at the back. It couldn’t be easier to make and it’s stunningly gorgeous. If you don’t have a floral vine handy, consider using some green garden wire to create the same look. Wind thin stems around the wire to attach them and then wrap the wire in green tissue paper.

A Flapper Headband

Oversized flower on headband

Image source: (PetiteFleuriste)

This flower is sustainable because it’s made from organic silk! If you’re having a fun, hippie-style wedding, a bold silk blossom will fit in perfectly. Attach it to a headband and you can easily take it off as the night progresses. You can think of a large silk flower like this as a substitute demi-veil since it will demurely cover the outside edge of your face.

A Full Floral Headpiece

Floral headpiece with berries, flowers, and leaves

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This living crown is spectacular! It transforms the bride into a forest queen complete with vines, berries, and greenery artfully woven together into a botanical sculpture. This is the perfect headpiece for an outdoor ceremony, especially one in the forest. It may be a bit much for the reception but that’s just fine. When it comes time for dinner, float the headpiece in a wide bowl of water and display it as a centerpiece!