Learn How to Vary the New Hair Band Styles

What opinion do you have of the new band hair styles that have emerged in recent months? We all think they are beautiful, however believe me that there are moments for each one and it is necessary to adapt these styles to the needs of your day to day.

But if you are a newbie who wants to learn how to use those bandanas or scarves of your mother, get creative with us and learn many ways to use them every day.
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1. Fitted above your hair
This is perhaps the most aesthetically beautiful but complicated way. For straight hair girls, this is not our recommendation. If you have wavy or curly hair, it will hold better and give you more peace of mind when moving.

Hair Band Styles
Source: @headbandhandmade


2. In the middle of your bangs and the rest of the hair
This idea is perfect for girls who do not abandon their insecurities and keep them behind the bangs, big forehead or big ears are very well concealed if you use it this way. Whether it is tying all the hair or with the loose, it will look excellent!

3. Accommodate your hair band inverted
You make it look like you wear different hair bands. If you’re looking to keep hair in place without looking like a birthday present, use it that way and you can hide it with a bow that will somehow let you see.

Hair Band Styles
Source: @marihoja


4. Knot it to your bow
Yes, adjust it so that it looks like an accessory of your bow and even volume to your hair if you lack it. The ribbons tend to look boring and messy with ease, get avoid it this way.

Hair Band Styles
Source: @leoniesbtq


5. Make a loop in your ponytail
It will give you more movement and complement your outfit perfectly.


6. Keep your hair back
The traditional way is never bad, sin is to abuse it. If you do it daily, three days will be enough for your co-workers or school to want to throw away your hair band and never see you again with it.

Hair Band Styles
Source: @aura_bridalwear


7. Hold your ponytail
If you need an accessory in front of you, use it. Consider the size so that it is not larger than you and that it is not the same color as your blouse, but rather play with the color palette of your outfit.

Hair Band Styles
Source: @zainabmsadiq