Hair Extensions Transformation to Get a Fresh Look

Hair extensions can rescue girls who have made drastic decisions with their hair and urgently need a new and fresh look.

We want to show you ideas of how to opt for hair extensions that can help you slow down the slow growth process of very short hair or ignore the damage of hair that has been exposed to many chemicals.

At the same time you can make a change of color or choose extensions with a different shape to your natural hair and thus enjoy a new way of looking at the mirror.

Enjoy this short but helpful selection of hair extensions transformation!

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I adore this head of hair 😍😍 makes a huge difference to the colour as well as the overall length and thickness…….. let me explain why we use good quality hair….. firstly it means your own hair is looked after a lot better less tangling means less stress…. secondly if you are looking at extensions long term you will want to keep your costs down…. cheap hair you will have to repeatedly replace in even short periods of time….. as it will go dry and matted and snap……. so your initial investment is in hair that can be worn again and again…. for the quality of our hair we are extremely reasonably priced…… 🖤💗🖤💗 #sussex #haywardsheath #burgesshill #hair #hairextensions #hairextensionspecialist #blonde #blondehair #hairgoals #pictureoftheday #love #transformation #hairenvy #hairinspo #brighton #worthing #likeforlike #followforfollow #haireducator

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If it happens to you like most of the girls that after a strong discoloration and a lot of time without retouching you were left with orange hair, you can solve that by using hair extensions and taking advantage of the color of these to be able to use a lighter one that don’t force you to apply more bleach to your hair for more discolorations.


If your case is that you only need to extend the length of your hair a little longer, you can take advantage of cutting it in a way that gives it volume. So you will be playing with your xl hair extensions and not with your natural hair that you need to let grow.


If you’re a girl with black hair or who maintains a single tone, you have the opportunity to give more volume to your hair using hair extensions  that allow you to expose it to the heat more often to stylize it without having to mistreat the totality of yours.

This other way to transform your hair is spectacular. The way in which the tones are mixed looks incredible and ripples makes the effect seem more natural. It’s worth trying!


Choosing to put on hair extensions can be the inspiration for you to consider making new hairstyles that favor your looks. Getting out of the routine will be fun. A fresh look will show if your hair looks more voluminous.


According to your current color, you could get an effect similar to this one if you choose the right hair extensions. The balayage is a trend and can perfectly be your ally to notice a more radical change after deciding to increase the length of your hair.

If at the end you decide to give yourself the opportunity to try the hair extensions, tell us your experience and leave us tips that we can share with the Crazy for Us community.