A Tutorial for An Elegant Wedding Hairstyle: The Bouffant Bun

Here is a tutorial for a hairstyle that works well as the wedding day hairstyle for the bride: The Bouffant Bun.

What I love most about this hair style is that its effortless enough to wear to a ball game and then on the other hand its so chic and elegant! It only takes me a few minutes to complete, and even though I don’t feel like it needs a whole ton of instructions, you know I like to be thorough!

Besides what’s worse then confusing or incomplete tutorials? :) Here we go!



– fine toothed comb
– 1 hairtie
– bobbypins
– hairspray


Step 1: start with slightly dirty hair for grip:) put a finger by your ear and draw a straight vertical line from one ear to the other, sectioning off the front and cliping it up for later.
Updates: Take the rest of your hair and pull it up high on your head into a ponytail with one hairtie. (you’re essentially just making a high messy bun next.) Take the ponytail in one hand and a hairtie in the other and pull your hair almost all the way through the hairtie. leaving the last couple inches of hair out so once you twist the hairtie you have a big loop of hair.


Step 2: Now grab the middle of the big loop of hair with the fingers through the ponytail, pull the hairtie half over your now smashed bun of hair, twist once more and pull the hair-tie all the way over to the other side. You should be left with a messy knot of hair secured well. Pin the sides down a bit if you wish with bobby pins.


Step 3: pulling the front of your hair down, split it in half, then split both halves in half so you’re left with four quarters. Comb one of your bottom quarters to smooth it out, and wrap it under and up over the bun, pinning to secure.


Step 4: do the same thing with the other bottom quarter. next take one of your top quarters (teasing the back a bit first if you wish) and smooth it diagonally over your head towards the opposite side of your bun, and go around coming back up around and pinning.


Step 5: Do the same with your last quarter, fluffing out the top a bunch with your fingers and spraying with some good hold hairspray. Go over your head in a two way mirror if you have one to make sure there aren’t too many fly-aways going on all over the place, and to secure your separated sections for that really structural look, and you’re all done!


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