He Said Yes! 10 Inspirational Ideas For Proposing To Your Boyfriend

Although societies, in general, have evolved concerning the redefinition of women’s roles, there are still many paradigms, stereotypes and clichés to break. One of the scenarios in which gender is probably more strongly imposed is love. For example, often in heterosexual couples, it is the man who, for social reasons, must decide to ask for marriage and deliver the ring.

The best way to normalize something is to normalize it, so if we want to make it more and more common to see women taking the lead in a marriage proposal, we can only promote it discreetly, as if it were something completely common and normal.

More and more women are deciding to jump into the void and risk asking the big question, however being a novelty sometimes we are not so sure how to do it or where to look for information or inspiration, to make our marriage proposal a unique event worth marking the beginning of one more chapter in our life as couples.

In August of 2018, Aruba together with MullenLowe SSP3 Colombia developed the #hesaidyes advertising campaign, which took advantage of the most romantic and recurring scenarios of the island to ask for the hands but investing the protagonists. “We want to end the cliché of men asking for marriage, but we want to do it through another cliché: ask for marriage in front of the sea,” said Carlos Andrés Rodríguez, Chief Creative Officer of MullenLowe SSP3.

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Don’t waste any more time and slide down so you can find all that inspiration (and courage) you need, to give your boyfriend the surprise of your lives. He said yes! That’s all we want to hear.

Surprise him in the intimacy of your home before leaving for work, with a bunch of roses and a classic ring, he’s going think he’s still dreaming.

He Said Yes! 10 Inspirational Ideas For Proposing To Your Boyfriend6

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Invite him on a date, and just in the middle of the sidewalk, bend on your knee and pop out the big question! He may be a little embarrassed in the middle of the street but after the first impression is passed, he’ll be completely thrilled.

He Said Yes! 10 Inspirational Ideas For Proposing To Your Boyfriend

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Alyssa and Kevin had a wonderful and romantic story, that can inspire you if you are a hardworking girl. For Alyssa planning all her moves took her a year (yeah, a full year), but as you can see it worthed it.

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Last month I got to document Alyssa proposing to her man, Kevin. She planned this day nearly a year in advanced. This time last year we were sitting in a cafe talking about her vision for this moment, and she pulled it off flawlessly. She's a total badass. Not going to lie, it was nerve-wracking hiding in a bush across the pond with my 70-200mm just waiting for them to walk up, but man, it was so worth it. Kevin had no idea it was coming and the smiles on their faces ALL day legitimately filled my heart up with joy. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Kevin said yes, by the way. :) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #fuckyesfeminism #feminist #proposal #sheproposed #hesaidyes #losangelesengagementphotographer #laengagementphotographer #socalengagementphotographer #laweddingphotographer #losangelesweddingphotographer #losangelesengagementphotos #dirtybootsmessyhair #junebug

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Romanticism is everywhere, you can bend the knee wherever you feel is a romantic or important place in your relationship history. The coffee shop you met, the movie theater where you had your first kissed, and the list goes on!

A little bit of cliche with a wedding proposal on the beach. This girl was in her full romantic mode, to impress her boyfriend with the big question. Do you want to make it personal, give your boy a watch instead of a traditional engagement ring, we guarantee you he’ll proudly show it to all his homies, and also post it on her social media.

True love is backstage! What can be more romantic and surreal that a wedding proposal on stage? This beautiful Indian girl really knew what she was doing!

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The biggest surprise the biggest impact! Mei Mei really planned her moves carefully, look at all the details she got on their photoshoot, only true loves can make you choose a hundred of charming couple pictures between the hundreds you two had taken over the years.

How about a treasure hunting? Who would suspect for an innocent date at the park? That’s exactly what KD Fraser, did with her then boyfriend Daniel Cupples. Grab some local musicians to set the mood, he’s never going to see it coming.

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If your man is a “Friends” fan, you can try to recreate Chandler and Monica’s wedding proposal. He’s going to love it for life.

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And we save the cutest of all for the big end, these two love birds planned to propose on the same day, on the same date, as you can see she did it first!

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Let’s make history, you don’t have to wait until he gets the courage to ask or the money to buy a ring, you can also be the author of amazing memories for you and your family, just plan it carefully with enough time.