Healthy Bachelorette Party Ideas For The Active Bride


This is a guest post by our friend Sophia Herbst of Cody, a health and fitness app.

A bachelorette party is one of the most anticipated parts of the wedding planning process for a bride. But if penis-shaped cakes and tequila shots don’t sound like your idea of fun, try opting for a healthy bachelorette party with fun and non-traditional activities instead! For those out there looking for unique and healthy bachelorette party ideas, we’ve compiled a list of our four favorite ways to have fun with your best gals. These activities are especially great for a group of ladies who love to be active and want to balance out their bottles of champagne with some physical fitness. Which of these activities are your fave?

1. Hike & Picnic:


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Hiking is a great way to relieve stress, be active with your girls, and eat! Pack a picnic with delicious, portable bites such as goat-cheese mini-quiche, or turkey & brie sandwiches (and don’t forget the champagne!). Pick a hiking destination that’s near a beautiful lake, hidden waterfall, or has a great view.  Keep in mind that you are going to be carrying some heavy stuff, and may want to choose an easy route. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, unplugging your electronics and spending a few hours in nature with your best girlfriends will make for  a fun, relaxing, and healthy party.

2. Yoga Retreat:


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Feeling frazzled? Turn your bachelorette party into a mini-vacation with your bridesmaids by going to a nearby yoga retreat center. Yoga retreats offer activities such as daily yoga & meditation classes, massage, natural foods, hiking, whirlpool & sauna, and labyrinth gardens. You can pick from a variety of yoga retreat centers, ranging from intimate lodges to upscale spa-like centers. And you’ll return from your bachelorette party feeling centered and rejuvenated – not hungover.

3. Comedy Night:


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Did you know that laughter relieves stress and works your abdominal muscles? Health benefits aside, going to a comedy show for your bachelorette party is a guaranteed good time.  Make reservations in advance, or contact the club and let them know it’s a bachelorette party – to get a front row table. Just make sure you’re ready to be the butt of a few wedding jokes!

4. Pole Dance Class:


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Release your inner vixen! Pole dance fitness studios have become increasingly popular, and many of them offer bachelorette pole dancing parties. Not only is pole dance just the right amount of naughty & nice, it’s also a pretty great workout. This is a great party idea for the more rambunctious bride & maids.

Do any of you readers have a unique bachelorette party that you loved? Let us know what you did and why you loved it in the comments!

About Sophia: Sophia Herbst is the marketing associate & fitness blogger for Cody, a free social fitness iPhone app.You can check out the Cody blog for more health & fitness tips, or learn more about the app at

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