The Secret to Making Your Wedding Planning Timeline Checklist: An Infographic

There is so much to do while you are planning a wedding that it can really get overwhelming really fast.

I love checklists, so when I started planning my wedding I found a list online of all the things you need to get done by certain time frames.

The problem was that the wedding checklist included everything you could ever think of and about 60% of it didn’t apply to my wedding. Seeing all the tasks was still very daunting though, and it really stressed me out.

I would love for you to never have that feeling, so I super-simplified the checklist into the three most important things you need to do at a specified time during your wedding planning and put them in this wedding planning infographic. I hope this helps you plan everything out easier and makes you sleep a little better at night!

Happy Planning!



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Infographic via The DIY Bride

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