Hen Party Games: 15 Hilarious Ice-Breakers

Here is Hen Party Games: 15 Hilarious Ice-Breakers, from Confetti

Finding Hen Party games that both break the ice and are suitable for everyone in the group can be a bit of a challenge.

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We’ve compiled a list of our favourite hen party games, including games that people of all ages and tastes can get involved in. So, whether you’re planning a classy hen do with a relaxing dinner or a wild night out, you and your girls will love these fun hen party games.

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Clean and Classy Hen Party Games

Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs is one of the best hen party games, in fact, some may say you can’t possibly have a hen do without a game of Mr & Mrs.

Challenge the bride by asking her questions about her partner and their relationship.

Make sure you get the bride’s other half to answer the questions first and match them with the bride’s own. Or, ask her partner to record themselves answering the questions – this makes it even more fun!

Make sure everyone is involved by giving each person at the party a question to ask the bride, as well as coming up with a forfeit for the bride if she gets the answer wrong. Forfeits can be taking a drink or doing a dare.

Mr and Mrs hen party game

Download Confetti’s Mr and Mrs printable hen party game to play. We’ve separated the game into sections so you can leave out any questions that might make the bride cringe in front of her Grandma!

These gorgeous personalised wine glasses are perfect for hen do drinking games. You’ll never get your drinks mixed up again!

Who’s Who?

Now it’s time to test the bride to understand how well she knows her hens.

In this game, everyone writes down a fact about themselves and the bride has to guess whose fact belongs to who. The facts can be simple or difficult, and you can play this game a couple of times depending on the size of the group.

A fun way to do this is by having everyone in the bridal party writing their fact on a piece of paper before folding the facts up and putting them in a hat before having each hen pick one out.

Have the bride give each piece of paper back to her hens before revealing the truth. Oh, and of course, the bride must do a forfeit for each wrong guess.

Pass the Balloon

This fun hen party activity doesn’t involve drinking, so after some of the heavy-drinking games, it’s likely your party will be relieved to play this one.

Blow up two balloons and divide the party into two teams. Have each team arrange into two rows and have team members pass the balloons up each line without using their hands. The first team to get their balloon to the end wins!

Golden rule: if any team member drops or pops the balloon, they must start again.

Hen party balloons from the Confetti shop

These large white balloons reading ‘let’s party’ are available on the Confetti shop. They make fab decorations too!

Who am I?

This is one of the best after-dinner hen party games, it also works really well at spa hen parties.

Have each guest write the name of a celebrity on a Post-It note and then create a pile of the completed notes in the centre of the table. Everyone must then take a sticky note and, without looking, pop it on their foreheads.

Each person has the opportunity to ask up to 20 ‘yes or no’ questions in order to guess their new identity. If you manage to guess correctly, you win!

Fun hint: write down the name of the bride or groom – they’re basically celebs!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

This is one of the cutest hen party games.

Ask everyone in the group to bring a present for the bride that will remind her of a memory they share with her. The presents don’t need to be expensive, they could be anything from food to tickets or clothes.

Presents in bags

The presents are then put in a sack and opened one by one and the bride needs to match the present to the person. It’s like a Secret Santa where the bride gets all the gifts!

Hen Party Pictionary

A hen party favourite, and one that involves no planning at all, besides getting your hands on one of these hen party Pictionary games by Not on the High Street.

This mini game of Pictionary is the perfect after-dinner hen party activity to play around the dinner table.

Pocket Pictonary Hen Party Game

Clean, mixed or explicit versions of this game are available, so take your pick!

Advice for the Bride

Advice cards are a great wedding tradition whereby guests can leave advice for the happy couple that they can read after their big day, but why not turn advice cards into a fun hen party game?

Give an advice card to each hen in the party and ask them to write down funny advice that’s personal to the couple. The bride can then read the advice cards out to the group – it’s almost like the bride’s very own version of Cards Against Humanity!

Advice cards for the bride


Hen Party Drinking Games

These hen party games are ideal for the hens planning for a wild one. Complete any hen party drinking game with these hen party accessories.

Hen Do Dares

Print out Confetti’s Hen Do Dares PDF and take it (and a pen!) out with you. You can either print one copy and designate the dares to different people in your party or take a print out each and try and tick as many off as possible.

Hen party dares

Either way, the person to complete the most dares, wins!

Gin and Fizz Pong

Calling all gin and prosecco lovers! This is the hen party activity for you.

Prosecco pong hen party game

Gin pong hen party games

Following the same rules as the original beer-based game, beer pong, split the group into two teams, fill your cups, and throw table tennis balls into the opponent’s cups. If you manage to score, a member of the opposing team must drink the contents of the cup.

Whilst this game does traditionally involve drinking alcohol, any opponents avoiding alcohol can still join in and designate their cups to a friend… and of course we recommend you nominate the bride.

Grab a reasonably-priced Fizz Pong from Gadget Zone on Amazon, or your G&T Pong from Talking Tables on Amazon.

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Banned Words

Banned Words is one of our favourite free hen party games. The game is simple: create a list of words with that you think everyone around the table will struggle not to say. Great words to ban are: people’s names, swear words, and ‘drink’.

Once you’ve decided on the words, think of penalties for saying forbidden words. This could be doing a dare, telling a truth or doing a shot.

Personalised shot glass for hen party games

Why not get these cute personalised shot glasses for the hen do? They make the best hen do presents!

Hen Do Bingo

If you’re looking for one of the more competitive hen party games, play Hen Party Bingo when getting ready or drinking before you head out for the night.

Print copies of Confetti’s blank bingo sheets – enough for one for each guest. Fill in each square with things you think will happen at pre-drinks and when they occur, cross them out. The first person to get five in a row, wins!

Hen party bingo

A top tip for filling in your sheet: think about habits people in the group have, for example, ‘Sarah burps’, or ‘Alex swears’.

Hilarious Hen Party Games

Girls sat on roof playing hen party drinking games

Image credit: Getty Images

The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

The most simple but hilarious of hen party games. Split the group into two and have each team create a wedding dress from toilet paper. The bride then chooses her favourite and, if you’re lucky, you might be able to convince her to wear it out that evening!

Keep with the hen party theme and check out Confetti’s bride and groom printed toilet paper.

Something Funny

This hen party activity can easily be played sober, but if you save it for a night out, it will be sure to have the hens crying with laughter.

When you get into the bar/club, challenge each member of the party to find something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Once they find these things, get them to take photos of/with them. The best idea wins!

For larger hen groups, set up a group message and have hens post their images on there. This way you can scroll through the pictures in the morning too. Trust us with this one, this is easily one of the funniest hen party games out there!

Charlotte Mills wedding shoes

Shoes by Charlotte Mills Shoes

Find the Groom

Challenge your hens to find the best groom look-alike. Once they find him, they must snap a selfie with him. The best selfie wins!

Posing for a selfie in a nightclub

Image credit: Getty Images

These photo booth props make the funniest selfies. Bring these along and you’ll be sure to win!

Add some personality to your day with these fun hen party accessories, they make great keepsakes for everyone who attended too!