Hot Vintage Engagement Rings For Under $2,000

The popularity of vintage and art deco engagement rings is growing, not only among celebrities, but every day folks as well.

A revival in art deco and antique design has led to more ornate and distinctive rings.  Inspired by the fashion of the 1920′s, art deco engagement rings embrace geometric designs, straight lines and bold edges to create unique styles that are both vintage and chic.

While vintage engagement rings can be pricey, here are some hot vintage engagement rings for under $2,000 from A Practical Wedding:



1. Lavinia Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring circa 1950 ($995) 2. Ida Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring circa 1950 ($1525)3. Paula Vintage Engagement Ring circa 1950 ($1475) 4. Henrietta Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring circa 1950 ($1650)5. Alma Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring circa 1950 ($950) 6. Mabel Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring circa 1950 ($875)

Sometimes I think shopping for an engagement ring is the most fun in theory. Sure, I can peek in a store window and choose my favorite in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that favorite usually costs $10,000 (double if it’s vintage). When it comes time for the real deal, it can be really hard to find a ring that feels unique and special and like it belongs to you, while still keeping your budget in check. But is changing all that, every day, with a constantly evolving inventory. And lucky you gets to reap all the benefits.