How to get pure CBD at a discount

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There are many ways to get CBD oil.  But getting pure CBD oil is difficult to find and has strikingly better results.

Below are the step-by-step instructions to get 100% pure CBD from Young Living at a discount:

1)First you will need to sign-up for a Starter Kit with Young Living on the website

2)You will want to select WHOLESALE MEMBER and in the two blank spaces put in 20175426 in both spots.

3)You can select any of the Starter Kits to become a member.

4)Don’t forget to write down your User ID, Password and Pin number you choose!!

5)Once you have purchased your Starter Kit you will want to go back in to your Young Living account to link your Nature’s Ultra Account. This is VERY important because this is the only way you will get your CBD at the wholesale pricing!