How to Get the Negative Space Nail Art Trend

In art, negative space is defined as the space between an object, around an object, but is not part of the actual object itself.

It is the opposite of an identifiable object which can at the same time be used to help define the boundaries of positive space.

And in nail art, a negative space nail art design gives off the illusion of lacquer floating against a naked nail bed showing off just enough skin to be subtle and sexy, while walking the line between a full-on pattern and a bare nail. Unlike a French manicure, a negative space nail art design doesn’t require a base color.

Here is how to get the negative space nail art trend, from Glam Radar:

Since its rise in popularity, nail art has come a very long way. From simple painted designs back then, we now have the option to embellish our nails and come up with a 3D design or sprinkle add-ons to them for an interesting texture. One nail art trend that’s becoming really hot and popular today is the negative space design. This look basically aims to trick they eye into seeing floating lacquer on the nails. If you’re a nailaholic, check out these tips on how to get the negative space nail art trend.

  • START WITH A HEALTHY BASE – unlike French manicures, negative space nail art designs mostly use bare nails (no base color) as their base. For your design to looks its best, you need to have healthy nails. You don’t want a yellowish base to show up underneath a really cool design. To achieve this, you can do your own nail soak solution (recipe and other tips here) and use it a few days before creating your negative space design.
    pink and white negative space nail art
    black and yellow negative space nail art

  • ENHANCE YOUR BASE – once you have your healthy base down, it’s time to enhance it. Get a clear nail polish and paint it all over your nails. This will protect your nails from discoloring in the future and will also give your nails that extra shine.stenciled design

    top and bottom matte finish

  • MAP OUT YOUR DESIGN – the next step is to map out your design. You can choose to use one design pattern with all your nails and have them looking even and uniformed or you can be a bit more experimental and mix and match several patterns to create an interesting overall look. I find that the negative space nail art trend looks best with simple geometric patterns but you’re free to do other designs as well.moon themed negative space nail artnail strip guide
  • EXECUTE THE DESIGN – now that you know the overall look you’re going for, it’s time to lay down the design(s) on your nails. If you’re using geometric pattern, grab some nail strip tape and use it as your guide to create sharp and precise lines. You can also use nail stencils for this or you can draw your designs and gold trianglessimple stripes
  • SEAL YOUR NEGATIVE SPACE NAIL ART and CLEAN – finally, once you’re done with the negative space nail art design on your nails and you’re happy with how they turned out, seal in your design by painting your nails with a layer of clear nail polish. Clean off the excess polish on the edges of your nails, if any, with a tiny nail art brush dipped in some nail polish remover.

color block negative space nailssharp design negative space nail art