10 Creative Ways To Make Your Flower Girl Stand Out

Today we have 10 creative ways to make your flower girl stand out.Following behind your bridesmaids scattering flowers down the aisle, your flower girl will definitely be one of the most adorable sights at your wedding.

It’s important to make your flower girl feel like she is a special part of your wedding ceremony.  One way to do that is to twist the flower girl basket tradition a bit by giving the basket of petals a rest and having your flower girl carry an adorable flower girl basket alternative that’s equally pretty but more fun and whimsical, such as a flower wand or heart balloon.

Another way to make her feel special, in addition to giving her an adorable flower girl gift is to have her beautifully attired in one of the many Gorgeous Flower Girl Dresses available today, or in some high-fashion flower girls attire. To that end you should check out our ideas for adding some flower girl ‘wee chic’ to your wedding as well as these adorable flower girl dresses for the little miss in your wedding

Here are 10 ways to make your flower girl stand out, from Huff Post Weddings: 

By Amber Burton for TheKnot.com

1. Flower Crowns

Laura Murray Photography

2. Colorful Dresses

Ashley Garmon Photographers

3. Cowboy Boots

Sam Clark Photography

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4. Patterns

Braedon Photography

5. Fairy Wings

Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

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6. Patriotic

Brinton Studios

7. Country Chic

Photo Love Photography

8. Stripes

Heather Ann Design & Photography

9. Tons of Tulle

Shea Roggio Photography

10. Damask Prints

Stephen Dohring Photography