Most Important Wedding Anniversaries From Paper To Diamond

The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries helps strengthen the relationship and start a new cycle as spouses, full of energy and love. With the highs and lows, every anniversary celebrated becomes an achievement, and therefore it is a date that should never be overlooked.

Marriage is not always easy, the challenges of having a family, work and daily life can easily become difficult tasks. It is necessary to nurture love  to guarantee the communication and confidentiality that every loving couple needs.

Let’s celebrate life and love with some real couples(goals) anniversary pics!

1 Year: Paper

Probably the most bittersweet wedding anniversary, a year full of many new experiences, most of them beautiful, others not so much. It requires a lot of commitment to live together with a person who was raised differently from us, and at the same time it can be wonderful to create between the two new ways of leading a daily life. Traditionally for this anniversary, a watch is usually given, referring to how fast this first year (of honeymoon) usually happens.

ongliyan | @ongliyan24


5 Years Anniversary: Wood

Just as wood is a moldable material, it is also difficult to break. When we reached the 5 years of marriage, we found ourselves in a stronger relationship, and acquired wisdom. It is a stage of solidity and achievements, which is usually honored with a frame of luxury wood.

 Veronika Bu | @vero1989nika

10 Years Anniversary: Aluminium

It is said that marriages that reach 10 years are unbreakable. At this point many of the goals as a married couple have been achieved, as well as the academic and work achievements. The greatest one is the mutual respect that is strengthened in the confidence built up by 10 years. Aluminum weddings used to be honored with jewelry or kitchen sets, however as the first two-digit anniversary, many choose for a second honeymoon!



15 Years Anniversary: Crystal

Like the crystal, the marriage relationship is crystal clear, nothing is hidden. The couple’s bond is strengthened in the friendship, now they are like great friends and partners in crime. It is usually on this anniversary that the couple renews their vows, as a way to strengthen the relationship. The gifts usually range from luxurious glass dinnerware to home remodeling

Zoltan Horti | @zhorti

20 Years Anniversary: Porcelain

Reaching 20 years of marriage is a more than enough reason to brag a bit! Even if it seems that at this point it is impossible to surprise your partner, it is the perfect time to end all those dreams that we paused when starting a family, but this time, why not as a couple? The number 20 represents naturalness, the intermission, the search or the support. In porcelain weddings, an ornament for the home is usually given, chosen by both

  Thais | @pictqueen


25 Years Anniversary: Silver

It’s already a quarter of a century together! If we look back, it is incredible to think that so much time, has already past. When celebrating silver wedding, is the couple’s family the one on charge of the celebration, to honor the effort of 25 years of the couple to forge a family. In medieval times, for this celebration, the bride appeared infront of her family wearing a silver crown, as a symbol of  triumph.

Alaina Dean | @nurse_alaina


30 Years Anniversary: Pearl

When you reach 30 years of marriage, you has reach maturity. This anniversary is identified with pearls, which are the symbol of the hidden and precious beauty that oysters hide and whose appearance is sometimes not so beautiful at first sight.

This refers to the physical changes in the couple, they are not the same as they were when they married and looking in front of the mirror, reality is irrefutable, this is where the importance of inner beauty lies in this person that we chose to be our companion for a  lifetime. For this wedding anniversary, nothing better than jewelry!

  Reena Khokhar@iamrkhokhar


40 Years Anniversary: Ruby

After 40 years of marriage, we are clear that we were not wrong when choosing our partner.

Of intense red color, the ruby ​​is a precious stone, extremely hard and resistant, so it does not lose its beauty with the passage of time. The ruby ​​represents a couple that after 40 years has demonstrated longevity and strength in their love. Time changes us, but love is still intact. For this anniversary, jewelry, fountain pens and embedded clocks are usually given away as presents.

JuNe JuNe | @its_mejune


50 Years Anniversary: Gold

“I do”, it really became “For life”

The famous golden weddings, are usually a family event, at this point the family is larger and we probably already have the help of children, grandchildren and family friends, who are in charge of the party. For this celebration, it is usual for the bride to wear a gold crown or tiara representing true, lasting and brilliant love.

 Fady Younes | @fadyounes  


60 Years Anniversary: Diamond

And we come to the sweet moment of the diamond wedding.

As a couple there is nothing that can alter the strength of a marriage that has been built over so many years. It is not only an achievement for the couple, but it becomes a pride and an example to follow for the descendant family.

It is not surprising that these weddings reach headlines in local newspapers, for the incredible respect they generate. Again it is the family, the children, grandchildren and maybe great-grandchildren who will be in charge of such a loving celebration.

  Erica Paris Foto | @ericaparisfoto

  Tanya Chappell | @tanya_chappell_61


Marriage can be exhausting, even if you  married for the right reasons with the perfect person, life and human beings are complicated. Do not be discouraged, appreciate what you already have while fighting for what you want, the reward will be invaluable!