Inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gorgeous Tribeca Apartment

Here’s a  look inside Gwyneth Paltorw’s gorgeous Tribeca apartment, reblogged from The Nest:

“Ethereal” and “heavenly” are just two words to describe it.

This just in: Gwyneth Paltrow’s downtown Manhattan apartment is for sale, so we canfinally see inside her gorgeous home. And guess what, it’s basically an ethereal cloud that floats above the cobblestone streets of Tribeca. Pas mal if you ask us.

Designed by Roman and Williams, who are known for rich, dark layers, this is a 180-turn for the design duo however, their layering techniques are seen throughout.

  1. paltrow modern media center

    Photo by Björn Wallander via Goop

    A mid-century media cabinet adds a masculine touch to the otherwise very feminine living room. Hand-painted wallpaper with a cherry blossom look lends a subtle Japanese touch to the space.

  2. paltrow pink and white fireplace

    Photo by Björn Wallander via Goop

    White marble and pale lavender walls create a ladylike vibe that harks back to Versailles.

  3. paltrow white kitchen

    Photo by Björn Wallander via Goop

    Shades of white make up the kitchen that is a culinary dreamland! We can definitely envision GP cooking up some of her healthy meals in here.

  4. gwyneth paltrow foyer

    Photo by Björn Wallander via Goop

    Whitewashed floorboards, pale walls and billowy light fixtures create a gates of heaven entrance. We love the use of a black lacquer table to ground the space.

    See the full home tour on Goop.