Irresistible Cakes for All Occasions

Check out these irresistible cakes for all occasions; from Momooze

We’ve scooped up the most unique and stunning cake designs on Pinterest lately. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your one-year-old’s first birthday party, a spring-themed party or an elegant wedding reception, you’ll find the most imaginative and impressive dessert ideas below. Our drool-worthy round-up starts with simple, yet striking one-tiered woodland-themed cakes and moves on to multi-tiered and intricately painted designer cakes. Naked cakes, ombre cakes, boho and vintage-meets-industrial cakes – we have covered the hottest cake trends for 2019!

Imbued with modern ideas and executed masterfully, these powerful confections below will get you planning a party by the end of your scroll-down. Don’t blame us if you start looking for the egg beater by the end of it. Enjoy!

1. Cacao Dinosaur Cake

2. Mint Cake

3. Luscious Chocolate Cake

stunning delicious kids birthday cakes naked chocolate cake online magazine for moms


4. Naked Woodland Cake

5. Sprinkles Toddler Birthday Cake

6. Circus Elephant Cake

7. Penguin & Glacier Cake

8. Luminescent Rainbow Cake Art

9. Navy Blue Marble with Gold Drizzle

stunning delicious kids birthday cakes navy blue marble with gold drizzle naked cake online magazine for moms


10. Simple Beehive Cake

11. Lemon Honey Beehive Cake

12. Harry Potter Soul Cake

13. Winter Bitch Tree Cake

14. Spring Bunny Cake

15. Painted Spring Bunny Cake

16. Blood Orange Cardamom Cake

17. Lumberjack Cake (Plaid on the Inside)

for heavens cake stunning delicious lumberjack cake online magazine for moms


A giant chocolate axe on top and red velvet on the inside!

18. “Cable-Knit” Wedding Cake

19. Pink Geometric Cake

20.Spring Cake

21. Baby Girl Angel Cake

22. Delicious Rustic Lemon Poppyseed Cake

stunning delicious kids birthday lemon poppyseed cake online magazine for moms


23. Nutty Pink Pear Cake

This cake is not only very very pretty, but also extremely delicious! It features nut biscuits, peanut butter cream, whipped caramel with almond praline, and a layer of fresh blueberries!

24. Painted Floral Cake

25. Eggnog Cake

26. Painted Buttercream Cake with Extra Texture

27. Industrial Boho Vibe Cactus Cake

28. Pear Slice Cake

We simply love the gradient pear slices embellished with gold!

29. Layered Mermaid Cake

This turquoise creation boasts five layers of mousse, fondant, sugar paste and butter cream!

30. Purple Blackberry Cake

31. Purple Berry Biscuit Cake

32. Berry Night Sky Cake

33. White Ruffled Cake

34. Beautiful Dark Chocolate Cake

35. Forest Cake

36. Almond Crepe Cake with Raspberry-Rose Cream

37. Raw Superfood Cheesecake

38. Painted Bear Cake

39. Artistically Painted Snowdrop Cake

40. All-White Deer Cake

41. Custom Henna-Inspired Wedding Cake

If you’re doing henna for a wedding, why not treat the guests to a mouth-watering dessert inspired by Rajasthani colors and patterns?

42. Indian Henna-Inspired Cake

Look at this extravaganza! The mesmerizing ornate embellishments, edible baubles and intricate patterns… Certainly, a feast for the eyes!

43. Beautiful Boho Beach Wedding Cake

44. Boho Brass Cake

45. Delicately Industrial Marble Wedding Cake

Beautifully painted and adorned with organic sugar blossoms and foliage, this stunning boho cake is truly a masterpiece!

46. Floral Wallpaper-Inspired Wedding Cake

47. Tropical Butter Cream Cake

48. Beautiful Blue Mosaic Wedding Cake

49. Frida Kahlo Cake

50. Beautiful Towering Wedding Cake

51. Gold White Lavender Cake

52. Luxurious Marble Cake

53. Purple Gold Magic Cake

54. Succulent Cake

55. White Wedding Cake with Pops of Jewel Tones

Let us know which one impressed you the most, momoozes!

Have a delicious week!