Jaw-Dropping Halloween Wedding Cakes

Here are some black wedding cake ideas; from Weddingomania

Halloween weddings are always special: such a mix of pure beauty and scary touches won’t be found anywhere else or in any other season. Zombies, ghosts, vampires, witches and many other characters are realized at such weddings and look wow. Whatever theme and decor you prefer, you’ll need a wedding cake, too, and a Halloween one should highlight your wedding style. I’ve prepared a bunch of timeless and hot trendy ideas you may like, get inspired!

Black Wedding Cakes

A black wedding cake is classics for a Halloween wedding, and there are tons of ideas you may go for. It can be a matte black wedding cake with hand painted flowers and with real ones, a black textural cake topped with blooms and berries, a black cake topped with flowers, herbs and greenery, a cake done with touches of burgundy and red, a black cake with colored dripping and macarons on top. If you want add more elegance and eye-catchiness, add touches of silver, copper and gold, these can be some brushstrokes or whole tiers. Top such a cake with a gilded fruit or berries, or add some chocolate shards on top to achieve a very bold look.

There are no limits for your imagination, you may go for any decor and details you like, from skulls to even parts of an Icelandic wedding cake – Kransakake.

a black and gold wedding cake with berries and fruits on top and a dark rose for a luxurious Halloween wedding

a black wedding cake with gold touches and feathers plus blooms is a classic Halloween idea

a black wedding cake with touches of gold and sugar flowers for decor is classics not only for Halloween

a breathtaking matte black wedding cake with gilded scales and real sakura flowers for decor

a chic black and gold Halloween wedding cake topped with berries and foliage is a bold modern solution

a chic modern black wedidng cake with touches of gold is a great idea for a modern Halloween wedding

an impressive black and gold wedding cake with painted skulls topped with blackberries and eucalyptus

a textural black wedding cake topped with red blooms is a classically Halloween piece to try

a matte black wedding cake with gold drip and black macarons for a modenr Halloween wedding

a moody matte black wedding cake with black drip, cream, gilded blackberries and black chocolate shards

a matte black wedding cake with handpainted blooms, copper touches and a couple of sugar blooms

a haunted black wedding cake with white touches, berries on the bottom and a silver pear on the top

a refined black wedding cake with two matte tiers and a textural tier with gold touches, topped with flowers and herbs

a moody tall wedding cake in matte black, with white chocolate drip and shards plus handpainted blooms

a moody Halloween wedding cake with a gilded tier and black ones, topped with greenery

a gorgeous matte black wedding cake topped with lush real blooms looks very sophisticated

a crazy Halloween wedding cake in black and with a part of Icelandic wedding cake, decorated with citrus, thistles and blooms

a statement Halloween wedding cake in black and burgundy, with touches of gold, a skull and lush blooms

a tall black wedding cake with black drip topped with lush blooms and cascading greenery for a wow look