Jenny McCarthy’s engagement ring from Donnie Wahlberg

From Ritani:

Congratulations to Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg!

The star couple announced their engagement this morning on ABC’s The View – with McCarthy debuting her stunning new engagement ring. Wahlberg, an actor and the brother of Mark Wahlberg, has been dating the former Playmate since July 2013.

Jenny’s ring features a vivid yellow sapphire bordered by a French-set halo of smaller white diamonds. With a similar look, yellow sapphires make a striking alternative to fancy yellow diamonds. Set in a split pave band, the ring has a vintage appeal that suits the current popularity of diamond halos.

These styles increase the surface area of the ring’s head, as well as delivering even more brilliance.


Sapphire rings have become increasingly popular in recent years. While Kate Middleton is perhaps the most famous wearer of blue sapphires (Prince William proposed with the ring his late mother wore), other colors are becoming sought after.

During her first engagement, Nicole Richie wore a pink sapphire ring. Recently, Olivia Palermo, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson have championed the fancy yellow diamond as the center stone of choice. Halle Berry and Olivia Wilde both sport rings featuring eye-catching emeralds. These distinctive styles stand out from the more classic choice of a colorless center stone.

Would you wear a sapphire or fancy yellow diamond engagement ring? What do you think of Jenny McCarthy’s engagement ring? Let us know in the comments!