Choose Your Lingerie Color According To Your New Year’s Wishes

The New Year is approaching and with it, all your new year’s purposes you want to achieve in 2020. We know that you have to focus and be motivated to achieve them, but a little help is never too much. Know the true meaning of the tone of your lingerie.

Select the one that has the most things in common with your wishes and use it on the big day. There are no rules for this, so you can even combine them to bring different elements to your life.

Passion Red

Color red reflects passion and desire. It will be your ally color to ignite the strength flame to attract passionate love into your life.

Choose Your Lingerie Color According To Your New Year's Wishes1

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Who would not like to receive extra money? Yellow and gold will give you energy, highlight the joy and attract economic well-being to your life.


In addition to combining with everything, it represents elegance, mystery, and sensuality. It is a hue that helps to be in harmony with Mother Earth and corresponds to the last harvest of the year. It will be perfect for job stability.


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It is the color of emotional stability and gives us peace of mind and commitment. To achieve peace with others, we must first be in harmony with ourselves.


If you are in the realization of a new project, this color is indicated. It attracts will, clarity and tranquility to carry it out. On the other hand, it will also help you start healthier habits or once, for all leave the bad ones behind.

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To attract positive feelings. It is a romantic, feminine and innocent color. It will give you a feeling of well-being and help you maintain a harmonious relationship with your partner.


The color is related to the Goddess Venus (of love) and with nature. So if you want to attract love to your life you will have to wear this color. On the other hand, having a connection with Mother Earth will give you health and well-being, in addition to receiving all the powerful energy of the four elements.


You can use it to detoxify everything your body no longer needs. Convert negative energies and transform them into positive ones. Ideal to attract good wishes, remove stones along the way and reach your goal.


If you are looking to travel a lot in your next year, this color is indicated. It represents joy, dynamism, and movement.

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