Looking Back: the Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2013

Well ladies and gents, 2014 is upon us…but before we head into the New Year, we thought it might be nice to reflect back on 2013 and share some of the biggest wedding trends of the past year.

1. Art Deco-inspired Themes


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Thanks to the remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby, 1920′s-inspired weddings were a hit in 2013! We wrote about this hot trend a few times in 2013 (here and here) if you’re on the hunt for some inspiration. While shabby chic, rustic weddings have been in the forefront for years, 2013 was the year that vintage-inspired weddings became a lot more glam thanks to art deco-inspired themes.

2. Bridesmaids in White


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Gasp! 2013 was the year that brides stopped worrying about being the only one wearing white and started putting their bridesmaids in the once-off-limits shade. Thanks to Pippa Middleton donning a white dress at the royal wedding, this elegant bridesmaid dress trend took the aisle by storm in 2013.

3. The Color Mint


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While we’re on the topic of color, we can’t talk 2013 wedding trends without mentioning that mint might just have been the most popular wedding color of 2013. While emerald was the official color of the year, it was a much lighter shade of green that made 2013 brides swoon!

4. Dresses with Sleeves


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Here’s another trend we can thank the royal wedding for! Ever since Kate walked the aisle in 2011, wedding dresses with sleeves have gradually gained popularity. In 2013, however, is when we saw both the runway — and Pinterest — full of gorgeous, long-sleeved wedding dresses.

5. Boho Chic Themes


{via Polka Dot Bride}

Aside from art deco, the other big theme we saw this year was bohemian chic. This casual, fun and eclectic wedding theme was perfect for laid-back brides in 2013, and I’m confident we’ll continue to see weddings rock this trend into 2014.

6. Floral Crowns


{via Amelia Lyon Photography}

You don’t have to be a flower child to rock a floral crown these days! Over the past year, floral crowns have become a bit of a fashion staple, so it’s no wonder that they made their way into the wedding world so strongly in 2013. The look is both romantic and whimsical, making it perfect for brides!

7. Colored Gems


{via the Diamond Dossier}

Colored gems AKA fancy colored diamonds were all the rage in 2013, and we don’t anticipate this trend to go anywhere just yet. For brides-to-be interested in rocking a stone a little more unique than a traditional diamond, color options are almost endless, so it’s no surprise that we saw lots of ladies with colored gems on their ring finger in 2013.

8. Lace


via WeddingWire}

Lace and weddings have gone together for years, so lace itself wasn’t a new trend in 2013; the trend was the fact that lace was EVERYWHERE — on dresses, shoes, cakes, tablescapes, invitations and much more!

9. Unique Outdoor Decor


{via Bridal Guide}

Couples have been having outdoor weddings for years, but in the age of Pinterest, outdoor affairs got a whole lot more decorative in 2013! From draping, to hanging lanterns, to photos nailed to trees, and everything in between, outdoor ceremonies and receptions in 2013 proved that there’s no limit to the decor possibilities when you’re tying the knot outdoors.

10. Bold Patterns


{via Jesi Haack Designs}

Chevron, ikat, damask, polka dot, oh my! 2013 was certainly the year of bold and colorful patterns! With an endless array of options, bold brides found patterns perfectly suited to their design style in 2013, and we can’t wait to see what new patterns gain popularity in 2014!

There you have it — the top 10 wedding trends of 2013! What were your favorite wedding trends of the past year?

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