5 Magical Villages in France, to Spend Your Honeymoon

The only thing more romantic than a wedding in France, is a honeymoon in France. Your honeymoon is one of the best memories you can have as a couple. It is a moment of intimacy that gives life to the spouses, and allows you to create a connection of that in many cases becomes the basis for a stable marriage .

France offers you the best and most varied villages to make this moment an unforgettable experience. Scroll down to see 5 of the most magical cities in France, so you can enjoy your honeymoon!

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The French town of Cluny is located in the department of Saone et Loire, in the beautiful region of Burgundy. Its main attraction is the Abbey of Cluny, a monastery of the twentieth century that gave the town its name and that gave it world fame, for its incredible architecture that contrasts with the vast and rugged farms that extend around it.

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Vouvant is located to the north of a thick forest, which gives it an unrepeatable fairytale spirit. A little more than 1000 inhabitants live within the walls of this magical little town in the Pays de la Loire region, which still preserves its original fortifications and a historic bridge from the 14th century.

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The picturesque Colmar has a section called “Little Venice” thanks to its canals that create elegant and magical shapes around the beautiful colorful houses that adorn the place. Many believe that this town was the inspiration to create the town of Bella in the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”.


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Is there anything more exquisite and refined than the French Riviera? The village of Èze is a clear example of the charms of southern France. This commune located in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region provides the best maritime panoramic views of the entire area.

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Dubbed “the Venice of the Savoie”, Annecy is a charming alpine village located on the shores of a lake. Its incredible geography and channels make it one of the most unique communities in France. The several bridges that are erected on the channels are perfect for Instagram

What did you think of our little trip to France? Tell us where you decided to enjoy your honeymoon!

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