Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings – A Favorite Choice For Top Celebrities

Marquise cut diamond engagement rings are a favorite choice for many top celebrities.

While often thought to refer to the a diamond’s shape, a diamond cut is actually a style or design guide used when the diamond cutter shapes the diamond for polishing.  So the cut does not refer to the diamond’s shape, but rather to the symmetry, proportioning and polish of theA diamond.

The round brilliant cut is the most popular. Fancy cuts are also popular and come in a variety of shapes.

The marquise cut is actually an elliptical shaped brilliant cut with pointed ends.  For example, marquise cuts set in east/west or horizontal orientations with diamond halos or simple bezel settings create a fresh contemporary look. Actresses Catherine Zeta-Jones and Portia de Rossi both have east/west set marquise cut diamond engagement rings.

Some brides-to-be prefer a vertical orientation for their marquise cut engagement ring, which elongates the fingers to make them look long and slender.

Marquise cuts generally look much larger from the “face up” position than other fancy shapes of the same carat weight.

Marquise cut diamond engagement rings fit beautifully with a variety of styles, from vintage to contemporary. Marquise cut engagement rings are a distinctive choice for women who love vintage-inspired designs that illuminate. The striking shape, reminiscent of a smile, is cut with a brilliant facet pattern. This means that, similar to the iconic round and princess cuts, they are intended to produce lots of sparkle. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ features a 10-carat marquise cut, resting with the points placed horizontally across the band. Michael Douglas proposed to the Welsh-born star on New Year’s Eve, 1999. Catherine pairs the ring with a matching platinum wedding band, set with micropavé diamonds for extra sparkle.

Here are a few of those celebrities and their marquise cut diamond engagement rings, as featured at Ritani


Ashlee Simpson recently announced her engagement to Evan Ross, Diana Ross’ son. Her marquise engagement ring is a stunning vintage style, designed by Neil Lane. An art deco design that accentuates its center stone’s splendor, this is a piece that truly speaks to Ashlee’s unique tastes. Her previous engagement ring, from Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz, was an asscher cut.


Ellen DeGeneres proposed to Portia de Rossi with a 3-carat marquise cut engagement ring, adorned with smaller pink diamonds on a vintage twisted band. The proposal took place at their home, after Portia had returned from a photo shoot. Portia reportedly said to Ellen, “Every moment with you is romantic.” How cute is that?


Singer Christina Milian became engaged to Jas Prince in April 2013. Prince popped the question with a dazzling marquise diamond set in a double french-set band. The star previously wore a 6-carat round cut engagement ring from Ivanka Trump’s line, when with producer The-Dream.


While these days she wears a pear cut, Victoria Beckham originally had a marquise cut engagement ring. David Beckham proposed to the Spice Girl in January 1998 with the $70,000 sparkler. Four children and a move stateside later, it’s clear that they are still very much loved up. Are marquise cut engagement rings your favorite style? Which celebrity’s ring do you like the most?