9 Maternity Wedding Dresses For The Modern Bride

Planning for your wedding day can be stressed enough, but what if you are also pregnant? Crazy right! We get tired just thinking about it.

Being pregnant is a special moment in every woman’s life. It’s important you choose the right wedding dress. You must feel confident, and be comfortable; it’s going to be a long day!

While some women state that maternity wedding dresses should be practical, that doesn’t mean you can’t look spectacular on such an important day.

So what if we help you, by giving some ideas on Maternity Wedding Dresses? It doesn’t matter if you are more of a classic style, or boho. There are options for all tastes, and all kinds of weddings.

Let’s mix all your hormones and emotions with your natural glam. Scroll down to see our 9 Maternity Wedding Dresses For The Modern Bride, that we chose just for you!

Angelina Gown

Angelina Gown/Chic Bump Club

The first maternity wedding dress we have to show you is this espectacular Angelina Gown, that will take your breath away, it has a stunning silhouette in a stretchy fabric perfect for your belly, with a subtle sweetheart neckline and no zips or fastenings, follow by big (real big) ruffled, in an angelic shaped shoulders full of details that spill all over to the back of the dress.


Caprice Gown

Carpice Gown /Chic Bump Club

Next, we have a Caprice Gown, that combines traditional bridal look, with a moder design touch. This dress will definitely make you and you beautiful bump look and feel extra especial in such an important occasion. It has this unique detailed ruffled neckline that goes front and back of the dress. Made out of stretchy luxurios scuba fabric has no zips or fastenings.

Charice Gown

Charice Gown/Chic Bump Club

If you are one of those who prefer a bohemian style this Charice Gown, it definitely your pick! with large bellow sleeves and it’s delicate laces, you will fell like the main character of your own fairy tale. With and invisible zip this style has a sheer panel of laces at the back, making even more confortable to wear the stretchy fabric taht it’s made of.


Kara Jumpsuit

Kara Jumpsuit/Chic Bump Club

The Kara Jumpsuit is exactly what you need in your life! Full of elegance & style it has a  super soft all over stretchiness, and open draped arms with a sexy cut out back details. Sexy, elegant, glamorous, and modern, it’s anything else you need to add?

Lucinda Gown

Lucinda Gown/Chic Bump Club

Our next gown, has a vintage glamour vibe, don’t you think? The tulle dress has a layered mermaid tail, perfect for a maternity shoot, it also has no zippers or fastenings on its stretchy fabric design.

Megan Dress

Megan Dress/Chic Bump Club

Have you consider a short option? Meghan Dress maybe be the one for you, it’s shorter, tighter and sassier than the other options we already gave you. With its high ruffled neck followed by a layered frill detailed till the knees, is the perfect dress for your dreamy night! This is another example of how ruffled dresses work beautifully has bridal gowns

New Dolly Dress

New Dolly Dress/Chic Bump Club

The New Dolly Dress is a luxury plus size gown, short, easy to move around while wearing it. It will give you a stunning silhouette with it’s off shoulder design. The dress has a ruffled neckline all around your front and back, and also a ruffled tail at your knees high. A dress like this is perfect for a bride who wants to make a statement.


Sara Gown

Sara Gown/Chic Bump Club

Our next idea features a one shoulder dress. The Sara Gown it’s a timelessly, elegant and classic mermaid shape dress, full of a Hollywood glamour.

Savannah Gown

Savannah Gown/Chic Bump Club

Last on our list is this Savannah Gown, a glamorous dress with a touch of sass for the million dollar mama bride! This dress has a bellowing ruffle shoulders that flows till your lower hips, and an elegant high neck that stylish you silhouette and spots out your belly!


We hope you have found the perfect maternity wedding dress! Let us know, and don’t forget to check on Chic Bump Club’s website for more ideas!