12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas

After a huge event, such as a wedding, it is normal that both you and your guests spend several days remembering the different moments that most excited and captured the attention of those present. One of the traditions that is most used to ensure that your loved ones remember your wedding day, is to give small souvenirs with the names of the newlyweds and the date.

Like all traditions, this has not been alien to the influences of new trends, and it is increasingly common to see wedding souvenirs more creative, modern and above all useful.

That’s why we decided to help you out, with some ideas of edible wedding favors, so your guests would never forget your awesome wedding party.

French Macarons

What do you think about some delicious personalized macarons? Your guests will love them, they are light, delicious, a chic and modern French dessert.

Do not forget to personalize them, you can make them the same flavor as the wedding cake or with the same theme colors that you choses for the reception decor. Whatever your choice, do not forget to write them the names and the date.

12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas1

Mac Lab Bakery | @mac_lab

Cake in a Jar

Refined and easy to go. Your guests can a have a fun breakfast next morning with this cake in a jar.

You can give it as a favor, or instead of a wedding cake, which is also good for your budget. Personalize it with a thank you note, your names, the date or some good wishes.

12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas2

Giant Cookie

Crunchy giant cookie, it’s a safe bet, who doesn’t love them? You can make some giant cookies for your guests, and maybe try some different flavors like chocolate, almonds, berries, and put them in personalized bags with your wedding details and a thank you note.

12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas9

Mini Pie

Classic like an apple pie! It’s a matter of tastes, cake or pie? You can do both, or you can replace your wedding cake, with some tiny individuals pies to go, it works as a wedding favor, and as a wedding cake replacement.

Fun, original, modern and you can also save some money. Display them on a table near the exit door, so your guests can grab one before they leave.

12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas3

Casar Casar – Bodas Novias

Mint To Be

What about some mints? A subtle touch of soft mint candy, so your guests can carry some memories in their bags. Elegant, and very classy, all your guests will love them.

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Go Picot


You can try some DIY wedding favors like this Cherry Bags. You just need some kraft bags and fill them with fresh cherries.

Personalize the bags with your names on it, the wedding date, thank you notes and your wedding wishes. Fun delicious and you can guarantee that your guests will “use it”.

12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas12


Honey Bee

A sweet touch with some tiny honey bee jars. You can buy local, help your community while impressing your friends and family with this original idea.

You can go to a local bee farmer and ask for a special flavor blending, to make a unique honey, just for you.

12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas5


Tea in a Jar

What’s more millennial that mason jars? So let’s put everything in a jar!

You can mix your favourite leaves and pimp your guests with your favourite tea flavors. Classy and original and very personal.

12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas4

Nupcias Magazine

Olive Oil

If you want something more refined, try with this personalise olive oil bottles.

Everyone love and will appreciate some extra olive oil. You can also as your local producer to make a special flavour for the occasion.

12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas10


Hangover Kit

There are wedding receptions and crazy wedding parties, if you are sure yours is going to be a extreme night, you must take special care of your guests, with a Hangover Kit.

Grab a bottle of water, some Tylenol, maybe an aspirin, electrolites pills, and a hidratating tea bag. They will thank you next morning!

12 Mouth Watering Edible Wedding Favors Ideas14

Hot Sauce

A wedding favor must be personal as possible. For a spicy touch you can give your friends and family some of your favourite sauce, it can be hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, blue cheese sauce, cramberry sauce, what ever your love ones will remember you as they taste it.

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