Must-Try Hair Idea: Taylor Swift’s OTHER Grammy Awards Hairstyle (From the Pre-Party!)

Poor Taylor Swift: I feel like everyone spent this morning watching GIFs of her mistakenly thinking she’d won Album of the Year.

To help her feel better, let’s take a minute to appreciate a less heavily coveredGrammy Awards T-Swift moment: the drop-dead hairstyle she wore to the pre-Grammys party.

You’ve already seen the glamorous ponytail and silver eye makeup Taylor wore for the main event (if not, click the link!).

But here’s a peek at her other Grammys hair, seen at the Clive Davis pre-party.



For this event, Tay wore her hair swept into a chic hybrid of a few hairstyles: half-up, ponytail, and bun. Isn’t it so lovely and different? The trick is to roll your hair up and pin instead of winding it around like you usually do with an ordinary bun. Plus, you gotta build up plenty of sexy texture first!

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s pre-Grammys-party hairstyle? Will it land in your little mental file of future hairstyle ideas?

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