Necklaces Inspired By Ethiopian Art

Ethiopia, better known as The Horn of Africa, is a country in the northeastern part of Africa.

It shares borders with Eritrea to the north, Djibouti to the northeast, Somaliland and Somalia to the east, Kenya to the south, South Sudan to the west and Sudan to the northwest. | @thebeadchest

It is the most populous landlocked country in the world and the second-most populous nation on the African continent. Ethiopian necklaces stand out for their. great quality, metal mixture, and beautiful colors | @thebeadchest

In African culture the ornaments reflect their customs, culture, beliefs and religion. Women often wear dazzling necklaces of glass beads and leather, two of the most commonly used materials for common use along with silver, and other materials such as feathers, fish bones, etc.

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Ethiopian goldsmith is a good resource to export to other countries and also a good claim for tourists who want to take a lasting memory of this land. Gold is reserved for important ceremonies such as weddings, something typical for women who wear necklaces of this material in the most important events.

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Silver is used in dowry necklaces and bracelets for brides. The Ethiopians, excellent goldsmiths, wear a considerable variety of jewels that, in addition to their beauty, have a symbolic value.

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Rustic Ethiopian Necklace 🌸 Just got in!

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There are also chokers composed of small silver amulets, to which protective functions are attributed. The silver used in Ethiopia in the making of pendants was obtained by melting the numerous silver coins, or thalers, which arrived with European trade in Ethiopia.

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The silver is worked by combining silver pearls, together with ornaments of different shapes. These jewels are attributed supernatural properties, so they are highly appreciated. The silver jewelry of ancient Abyssinia, as it was formerly known as Ethiopia, is often extremely fine and has an exquisite quality.

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 One of the most curious ornaments of these necklaces and bracelets are the Telsum boxes. These boxes made of silver, are lucky charms to protect themselves from evil spirits and other elements. They usually have different forms and each one has its own meaning. The triangular ones protect the carrier against thunder and lightning while the semicircular ones protect him against the evil eye, the half moon attract the force of the moon. Others, in phallic forms, symbolize fertility.

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The crosses are a symbol of Christian Ethiopia, these pendants also have protective virtues. Here you can see some necklaces with Telsum boxes, which besides being very beautiful, will serve as amulets to protect you from negative energies.

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