Why you need an engagement ring appraisal

As a bride you want as many options as possible for your engagement ring so that you can make a statement with your engagement ring

If the traditional diamond engagement ring is not your style, and you want an engagement ring that is both gorgeous and totally uniquethen you want to consider  non-diamond engagement rings that sparkle just as bright.

Or you may opt for the newest trend of bold and colorful engagement rings, which have been embraced by Hollywood celebrity brides  such as Reese Witherspoon (pink diamond), Beyoncé (yellow diamond), Jessica Simpson (ruby)—even including the fictional  Carrie Bradshaw (black diamond).

Whatever your choice for an engagement ring, it is important that you get an appraisal of that ring. Just keep reading below to see why you need an engagement ring appraisal, as explained at Ritani: 

When shopping for an engagement ring, look out for retailers that offer appraisals as part of your purchase. These jewelers are far more likely to be reputable, be they online or in a physical store. It is in the jewelers’ interests, as much as yours, to show that your ring is worth at least what you are paying. Honesty and transparency are crucial in an industry where people are buying such emotionally significant pieces.

The most important reason to have your jewelry appraised is so you can keep it insured in case of loss, theft or damage. Most homeowners or renters insurance policies will allow for jewelry to be added up to a certain amount, or an extra policy can be applied to an existing one.


The appraisal the insurance company will most likely require is a Retail Replacement Value appraisal, which should reflect the realistic cost of replacing your item in a retail jewelry store that regularly sells the type of item being appraised. This can vary depending on where you live, so it is a great idea to get your jewelry re-appraised if you move interstate.

It’s important to note that your GIA or AGS certificate is not an appraisal, and these laboratories are for grading only; nothing is compared to a monetary value when they are being graded. A jewelry appraisal will be created based on what the certificate reads, combined with the market value of the items at the time.  Other measurable and subjective facts such as the weight and quality of the materials and workmanship will also be taken into consideration.

As part of our Lifetime Care Package, every Ritani engagement ring is appraised before it reaches you. Along with diamond certification, lifetime warranty and complimentary cleanings at your local Ritani retailer, this ensures your ring’s lasting value through all the years ahead.

Want to learn more about engagement ring appraisals? Explore the Ritani Lifetime Care Package to see the unique ways we will protect your purchase in the future.