Why You Need A Lounge Area At Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is of course your opportunity to celebrate your new life with your family and friends, so you want to make sure that you keep your wedding guests happy and entertained.

Some of your guests will want to party hard on the dance floor while others will want to  spend time visiting with old friends, meeting new friends or just relaxing with a nice cocktail.

A popular trend for accommodating your non-dancing wedding guests is a wedding reception lounge. So today we have some fabulous wedding reception lounge ideas for you to check out.

With a well-designed wedding reception lounge your wedding guests will love having a comfortable place to hang out instead of being stuck sitting at their table or awkwardly standing by the bar/food table with all the other non-dancers. And the wedding reception lounge, whether next to the bar, poolside or surrounding the dance floor, can be an intimate place where your wedding guests can relax, drink delicious cocktails and mingle into the early morning hours.

Check out why you need a lounge area at your wedding reception, from Wilkie:

What kind of vibe do you envision for your wedding day? If the answer is something relaxed, chic and welcoming then say hello to the lounge concept. We love the idea of creating an intimate area where guests can socialize in style. Take a look at these 10 wedding lounges that will totally convince you that you need this trendy set-up at your wedding.