New Year’s Resolutions With Less Cliché And Worthy of Compliance

Will this 2020 be another year of unfulfilled goals? Choose all your new year’s resolutions in a way that makes you feel comfortable and can fulfill them.

This time we have selected five ideas that will require a lot of courage on your part but that will undoubtedly be significant in your life, as much or more as having finally started a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully you find in these new year’s resolutions less cliché to help you to start the year with clear goals, greater stability and a very well determined horizon. We know that at the end of 2020 you will be grateful for these ideas.

Check out these 5 new year’s resolutions worthy of compliance!


New Year’s resolution nº 1: Start recycling

Leave aside the cliché ideas about recycling. Don’t visualize yourself using bottles to build houses as the first step because you will be discouraged at the first. How about thinking of using second-hand clothes or investing a little in the modification of the pipes so the water used in the sink could be the one that cleans the toilet? These long-term options will contribute to the environment and therefore to your pocket in a great way.


New Year’s resolution nº 2: Take care of your mental health 

Stop minimizing once how you can feel and start receiving the help of who can guide you. Informing and understanding the care of mental health is not a selfish act to help yourself, it works as a super powerful weapon to understand the actions of most people around you.

New Year’s resolution nº 3: Freelance work

Why not start testing how to sell your work to people who want to receive your services as a freelance? It’s the best way to take advantage of your free time. It doesn’t have to be about your current profession, it can be a hobby like photography, lettering or design, that’s exactly what many people need.
The advantages of this are many but the best thing is you can  decide your work time, place and uniform -for pajama lovers-. Would you dare this year to fulfill your first freelance work? Please, check out this video below and learn more about this.
The future is freelancing | Ted Talk


New Year’s resolution nº 4: Capsule wardrobe

This is definitely a super good test to tip as one of your new year’s resolutions because it will certainly put you in troubles when you start making your capsule wardrobe. Do you really need a hundred different pieces of clothing for each season of the year? Do you mind seeing someone repeat clothes? Let’s deconstruct ideas, be practical and save time in a beautiful way.

New Year's Resolutions Less Cliché Worthy of Compliance
Source: @latina.minimalista


New Year’s resolution nº 5: Declutter

The habit of having your spaces organized don’t let it be just a practice of this holiday season in which you must receive your family at home and show them the best face of your organization. Turn this practice into something constant that allows you to have everything within reach, close to what is necessary and in a personalized way. Start with the least overwhelming spaces but don’t let it be every year that you practice it.

New Year's Resolutions Less Cliché Worthy of Compliance
Source: @theorderlyspace