Odd New Year’s Traditions You May Wanna Try

There’s a lot of Christmas advice everywhere right now, about your dinner party, your dress, and mostly decor, but we must not forget that just after Christmas we have the New Year’s celebrations, and you have to be prepared.

We know you are tired just to think about it, but we really don’t want you to eat Christmas leftovers and watch Time’s Square from your bed. This year you may wanna try some of the oddest New Year’s Traditions we found. And who knows maybe they will become a tradition for you and your family for the years to come, just give them a try!

We don’t want you to get overwhelmed, so let’s recap some of America’s most known,

Getting Kissed At Time Square At Midnight

Easy right? Don’t watch it on TV, be there! Getting a lovely kiss during the first minute of the new year so that love will not be missing throughout the year and life as a couple will go like silk. Just as you have seen it in movies (all the time). Piece of cake!

Deep Clean

Did you know our fellows Puerto Ricans neighbors at midnight throw buckets of water through the window to get rid of last year’s problems and clean the streets to receive the new year? There are those who also clean the entire house. One of the most hygienic New Year’s Eve traditions one can imagine!

Odd New Year's Traditions You May Wanna Try

Lucky Underwear

Sure you have heard about Spanish people getting some red undies for good luck, but did you know that Mexicans do too. But not only red, but they also wear their lucky underwear based on what interests you: yellow to have money and luck, red to have love, blue for health, and so on. One of the most original New Year’s Eve traditions you must try!

Odd New Year's Traditions You May Wanna Try

Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

Salt, Coal, And Bread For Good Luck

In the United Kingdom, when it is twelve o’clock, families open the back door of the house and asks for a foreign man, (young, tall and handsome)to enters through the main door with salt, coal, and bread this brings good luck and ensures the abundance of food, money, and heat.

Trip Around The Block

In Colombia One of the New Year’s Eve traditions is to pack the last day of the year and when midnight arrives to take it and go for a walk around the block. Why? To have lots, good, and save trips along the new year.

Odd New Year’s Traditions You May Wanna Try

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

Partying In A Cemetery

Not sure if it is the best way to receive the new year, but in Talca, Chile they have decided yes. At 23:00 o’clock the cemetery doors open for families to receive the year with their dead. But nothing of colored lights and fashionable songs in this New Year’s Eve traditions; no, just classical music and candles.

Odd New Year's Traditions You May Wanna Try5

Breaking The Dishes

Formerly the Danes kept the old dishes of the year to break them at the door of their friends’ house on the last day of the year as a sign of prosperity. Today it is no longer done, and it is appreciated; imagine coming home with all the hangover and finding a similar picture thanks to one of the noisiest New Year’s Eve traditions one can imagine.

Odd New Year's Traditions You May Wanna Try6

Future Reading!

With a lead in Germany and Austria or with an egg in Peru, everyone knows that you can read the future on the palms or tea leaves, but did you know that it can also be made by melting lead? In Germany and Austria, the end of the year night drops molten lead into a glass of water and the form that appears serves to interpret what the future holds. In some parts of Peru, it is also customary to put an entire egg under the bed for the next day, determine what drawing the yolk has formed and been able to interpret what the future holds. What is not clear is what happens if the egg does not break. The best of this New Year’s Eve tradition means that you are immortal …

Ringing Bells

In Japan, Buddhist temples ring the bells 108 times. This New Year’s Eve tradition is called “jewel no kane”. The 108 bells represent the 108 sins that they claim people have in mind and may end up committing. Listening to the 108 chimes purifies the soul.

Odd New Year's Traditions You May Wanna Try8

Dressing Moles

In the Philippines, the inhabitants wear a cape of the most original New Year’s Eve traditions and are dressed in moles, since the form is associated with money and prosperity. Everything goes dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes, bags …, but the idea is that the garment has at least one pocket to be able to meter coins and make them sound when they touch twelve.

Cover image by Free-Photos from Pixabay