From your wedding ceremony prelude through the dance music at your wedding reception, your wedding music is an important part of your wedding celebration. And how to choose your first wedding dance song is an essential part of that.

The best wedding songs and wedding music for your ceremony and reception are often hard to select – there are so many popular wedding songs and so much iconic wedding music to choose from. And as you plan for your wedding music you of course must remain mindful of your wedding music budget as it relates to your overall wedding budget. Live bands, string pieces, orchestras, singers and/or DJ’s can often be pricey.

While you want your wedding music to be pleasing to your wedding guests, you also want your wedding music to reflect the style and preferences of  you and your fiancé. That’s where the the ultimate guide to wedding music can be a great help to you.

The music that accompanies the bride as she walks down the aisle is often traditional wedding march, but there are also other beautiful songs for your walk down the aisle

Here are some great tips for how to choose your first wedding dance song, from oncewed:
Anyone planning a wedding has probably heard a dozen times that the day will fly by. It’s a bittersweet truth of weddings that so much excitement and energy causes the most important day of your life to feel a bit like a blur.That’s why first dance songs are so important – it’s one moment in the evening where everything slows down and all that really exists is you, your partner, and a song that represents the two of you as a couple.
So, how do you go about making this monumental decision? Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a signature song from your first date or the band you two never miss when they’re in town. If the answer isn’t immediately obvious, how do you know which song is right?Here are some tips on how to find the perfect first dance song:1. Compile a list together with your partner, giving each person veto power. This song is going to hold so much meaning for both of you, that it’s unfair to ask either person to settle on a song that they don’t love. Hop on Spotify or iTunes, and look through bands you already love, plus suggested bands based on your current preferences. Listen to each song a few times and narrow down the list to 3-5 top choices.

2. Practice dancing to it. There are plenty of beautiful, meaningful songs that just aren’t right for your first dance. We’ve all been to weddings where a DJ has mistakenly played one of those in-between tempo tunes and it kills the mood immediately. Make sure the song you’ve picked doesn’t make you feel awkward as you sway along to it.

3. Pay attention to the lyrics. Sometimes a beautiful melody can distract us from what’s actually being said in a song. Make sure you know what the song you’ve chosen is really about, and the lyrics aren’t indirectly strange or inappropriate. Your guests will notice.

Like anything in the wedding planning process, make sure to have fun with this task! It can be a really romantic challenge if you both come into it with an open mind and an enthusiastic attitude.

Article: Stephanie Schertz