How to Organize a Stress-Free Engagement Dinner Party

So you and your long-time boyfriend just decided to get married? Are you two ready?

First, let’s share this amazing news with the family, and what a better way to celebrate it, than with an Engagement Dinner Party?

The celebration of the engagement party is the moment when the bride and groom to be will publicly communicate their desire to marry to their family.

This dinner party will allow both families to meet and establish friendly relationships; also as a couple, they can make an approximate count of the number of marriage cards they will acquire, according to the number of guests who come to that dinner. We also assure you that during the party there will be no lack of details that will allow you to create ideas for your marriage decoration without losing your style.


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Before deciding on an engagement dinner party it is important to establish a budget. Many couples integrate, within the wedding budget, the expenses corresponding to this dinner, so you must detail this celebration well. A budget that has been allocated for this dinner, whether you want to make it simple or in style, do not be scared if more than 50% of it goes just in food.

Time to Share and Care

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The food and drinks that will be distributed to your guests should be agreed to take into account the time, preferences, place, climate and style. They may prefer breakfast, lunch, dinner, grill, buffet or a cocktail, do not forget to place also a cake!!

A Special Place For Special Day

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Usually an engagement dinner party it’s celebrated with your closest friends and family, so it’s up to you, how many are too many?

You can do it at home, maybe your favorite local restaurant or, if the guest’s list goes a bit crazy, you can always rent for a venue, just remember to work according to your budget.


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The decoration for the party is also very important, no matter if you want something simple or very elaborate. You can make a simple decoration similar to the one you want for your wedding, it is even perfect to try some theme that you want and that you are not sure yet.

You can do something simple only with candles and flowers, or you can hire the experts to fill the entire room with balloons.

Fun Memories

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As in any party, you can not miss the entertainment, you can play nice music to accompany dinner, and then something more cheerful to dance.

A photo booth is easy and fun for all your relatives regardless of age, and if you want you can do some trivia contest to cheer up.

Let’s Toast!

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The toast moment is probably the most important in an engagement dinner.

It is a toast shared by future spouses, in which the participation of the guests is appreciated, details of the wedding are given, possible date, if it is going to be held in a distant location, and most importantly they are announced who will be the Bridesmaid and groomsman.

Gifts, Gifts, And More Gifts

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It is not usual to receive or ask for gifts for an engagement party; However, every day more couples are choosing to ask for cash, in this way the family has the opportunity to collaborate with the wedding expenses in advance.


And what are you waiting for? Hurry! Let’s plan your perfect engagement dinner, with these simple tips that we have given you.


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