Planning a Proposal? Get the Scoop From A Proposal Planning Pro



Paparazzi Proposals

We are in the midst of wedding proposal season. So if you are planning to propose soon, today we give you the scoop on how to propose from wedding planning pro Sarah Pease, by way of the knot.

Of course you know that you can always find unique and creative wedding proposals on television, online and in other media. From the many Valentine’s Day Proposals to proposals staged with flash mobs and proposals staged with cute French bulldogsthe range of imaginative wedding proposals seems unlimited.

So whether you are planning your wedding proposal to be an over-sized and very public event like a flash mob, sports arena Jumbotron or movie screen, or you opt for a private, quiet, intimate moment just between you and your fiancee-to-be, a little wedding proposal advice from a wedding planning pro can’t hurt.

Get the scoop for planning your wedding proposal from wedding planner Sarah Pease, reblogged from theknot: 

Tis the season — proposal season that is! From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s is when 38% of soon-to-be-weds get engaged (according to last year’s stats). With all those proposals happening there can be a lot of pressure to make yours stand out from the rest. That’s where a professional proposal planner like Sarah Pease, founder of Brilliant Event Planning, comes in. As a marriage proposal planner Pease pulls off elaborately crafted custom proposals with perfectly planned details from private live orchestra performances to planting fake Groupon certificates, and she’s seen it all when it comes to proposals. Read on to get the scoop on how to create the perfect proposal and what it’s really like to be a proposal planner, below.

Your love story is what makes it memorable. “When planning a proposal the best way to make it memorable is to make it personal. Your love story is a unique and nobody else has the one that you have together, so your proposal should be a reflection of that. Look to your love story and you’ll have so much rich information to pull from,” says Pease.

Proposal planners pull off some serious acting skills. “Something no one would ever expect about the job, we [proposal planners] are disguised as other people all the time. I have pretended to be many things for the purposes of my clients’ proposals. I’ve been a spa front desk person, a valet parker and a TV show producer. People will believe anything you say if you own it,” says Pease.

Some of the best proposals have staying power. “One of my favorite proposal ideas is to create a tradition. You don’t have to do it every year, but you can tie in the proposal at each life changing event like the wedding day, when you buy a home together and then when you have child together. One of my favorite proposals we planned around something our client said in our consultation, ‘She’s the last piece to my puzzle. So we made a huge puzzle and it had the blueprints to the house they were building. The couple kept the puzzle pieces, and for Christmas that year we took the puzzle image and made it into a canvas that’s displayed in their home and she has a mini version on her desk at work,” says Pease.

Having a Plan B and a Plan C is a must. Everybody always plans if she’s running late, but you should also always have a plan if she’s running early. Having your fiance show up early happens all the time, and it’s a common proposal pitfall.