Prettiest Bridal Bouquets of 2013 – Part II

This is Part II of our series “Prettiest Bridal Bouquets of 2013”.

A bride’s look is never complete without her bridal bouquet. I have yet to see a bride without one, actually.

Whether fresh or alternative, the bouquets are one of the most anticipated deets-to-see in a wedding because a gorgeous bridal bouquet can actually preset your expectations or somehow give you a hint on what the over-all wedding motif/ theme is.

So today, I have rounded up my most favorite bridal bouquets from 2013 which you could all get inspirations from. Fresh, vibrant, unique, creative, classic and cohesive to the theme — this list is going to be one gorgeous bunch of bouquet pretties. Enjoy! :)

This Vibrant Fiesta Inspired Bouquet by Vatel Manila 


Photography by Nicolai Melicor Wedding Photography, From the feature Thea & Deg’s Fiesta Inspired Wedding

This Dreamy Bouquet with Astilbe by Serge Igonia 


Photography by Ian Celis Productions, From the feature Belle & Mark’s Elegant Tagaytay Wedding

This Oh-So-Romantic DIY Bouquet 


Photography: Randolf Evan Photography, from the feature Chi & Nix’s Do-It-Yourself-With-Love Wedding

This Delicious Bunch of Pinks and Yellows by Serge Igonia 


Photography by Red Stilletos Photography, From the feature Dutch & Rodney’s Rustic Luxe Wedding

This Rustic Chic Bouquet by Something Splendid 


Photography by Orange Studio by Kent Lazarraga, From the feature Christine & Joel’s Rustic Wedding

This Too Cute Bridal Bouquet by Vatel Manila 


Photography by Vinz Matias of The Rockin DuoOsep of Osep and Mimi, Jaypee and Erika of Jayson and Jo Anne, and Myio Okamoto, From the feature Sheli & VJ’s Too Cute Kindergarten Wedding 

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