Prettiest Bridal Bouquets of 2013 – Part I

A bride’s look is never complete without her bridal bouquet. I have yet to see a bride without one, actually.

Whether fresh or alternative, the bouquets are one of the most anticipated deets-to-see in a wedding because a gorgeous bridal bouquet can actually preset your expectations or somehow give you a hint on what the over-all wedding motif/ theme is.

So today, I have rounded up my most favorite bridal bouquets from 2013 which you could all get inspirations from. Fresh, vibrant, unique, creative, classic and cohesive to the theme — this list is going to be one gorgeous bunch of bouquet pretties. Enjoy! :)

This Bundle of Sunshine by Vatel Manila


Photography by Nez Cruz, From the feature Glady & Erick’s Sunshine Inspired Wedding

This Pretty Pastel Bouquet by Vivien Picart Villanueva


Photography by Brian Rimer, From the feature Ina & Roy’s Vintage Pretty Pastel Wedding

This Cotton-Candy Pink Peonies by Creative Concepts


Photography by Shutterfairy Photography, From the feature Myla & Lance’s Romantic Tickled Pink Wedding

This DIY Apples and Flowers Bunch


Photography by CamZar Photography, From the feature Real & Eric’s Enchanted Forest Wedding

This Gorgeous Great Gatsby Inspired Bouquet by Teddy Manuel


Photography by Ryan Ortega, From the feature Frances & Jim’s Glamorous 1920′s Wedding

This Filipiniana Inspired Bundle by Joel Faller


Photography by R.A.W. – Really Awesome Weddings, From the feature Gen & Killian’s Modern Filipiniana Wedding

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